Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Singapore To KL: For Real

I remember taking a coach with 2 friends leaving Malacca to pursue another phase of our life - tertiary education. We were heading to a foreign land - but still in many ways similar... where else but non other than Singapore.

uniquely singaporeA ride away & 5 hours in the coach, we arrived. With me were just 2 hand carry luggage.

That was 8 years back. Uni came & went... and I continued being based in the Lion City for another 5 years or so.

klIn between those times, I came back to homeland, Malaysia, quite frequent... mainly for business. Kay El & the rest of Klang Valley became a regular destination - at some point, nearly every other week.

The trips were so frequent that some friends wondered why I don't just move up north. At the initial stage, it was rather okay & bearable.

But too much of time in the journeys (and not to mention the pack - unpack) & , that took a bit of a toll...

kl truly asiaSo by early this year, I was contemplating - maybe I should save time & hassle... & just move to KL. But moving to another city is not an overnight decision...

There were many other factors that ran through my mind. For eg. though moving to KL may seem like a 'homecoming', but it's actually not so - for I've yet to stay in KL before. Yes, there's lots of similarity between these 2 cities, but still the differences is quite contrasting.

Anyway, that is just one of the many factors I considered... and considered I did.

After some months of considering then thinking, I finally decided to move after 8 years - yes to Kay El. Some of my friends, or should I say many of them were surprised... many never ever imagining me living in this capital city of Malaysia.

But hey, I'm here now. How long I'll be here - I don't know. There are some other places that I'd like to go someday... but so far, I'm falling in love with this city more each day & am calling it home :)

*I didn't leave with 2 bags, but instead hired a lorry to carry all the goods from Singapore...!


  1. Yes, welcome to KL!! So we can meet up lah now right? : )

  2. kl is nice... i am doing a research... how to make kl a more sustainable city now =p yeah so the next time i back to msia... and then kl... okok keep the guest room clean for me!!! anyway anyway hohohoho merry christmas

  3. It is a surprise...moving from Singapore (a good place) to KL (another good place)...

    But I must say...welcome to Malaysia.

    And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Welcome to KL and welcome back to M'sia Quah! What a wonderful surprise indeed! I can feel your nostalgia as I read your recollections of the past. How time flies!

    Thank you for all that you've done for our culture. I admire your courage in pursuing a totally foreign field, and in Singapore to boot!- Something that most of us would never dare to.

    I am proud and am impressed by your achievements these past few years. Welldone! I look forward to seeing you grow from strength to strength in the coming years!Good luck,Merry christmas and a Happy New Year!

  5. Wow! Awesome! Welcome to KL, QC! Looking forward to hearing good things that you'll do here.

  6. So you was in KL? Ha :D I wanted to go there too but too bad I had my exam earlier on.


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