Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Which Superhero?

"Which superhero best represents him/ her?" I asked my group of friends.

This was part of a game we were playing - to see how well we know our friends. We can ask any question, and the group is to guess about each friend.

I thought this game was quite insightful - not just to know our friends better, but also to see deep within, on who we really are... and how our friends/ the world perceive us.

Amongst us, we came up with answers like Batman, Superman, The Incredibles, She-Ra, etc. Most of the time, our superhero mentioned is the idol of that friend. Some of us agreed instantly, while others took some time to ponder - reflecting how true the synonym is.

The game did give me some reflection on who we aspire (look upon), and how we relate to him/ her.

And though we may not think ourselves as superheroes, however, it is worthwhile to think what would our Superhero do if he/ she is trapped in the same situation like us.

Would he/ she complain, make a fuss... or would he rise and do whatever it takes to solve the issue? And how would he/ she do it?

The fact is, if we think like our superheroes, we might just be like them - not on having supernatural powers but more so supernatural positive actions & supernatural attitude.

So, who is your idol superhero? And are you like him/ her? :)

*Some other insightful questions we played were:
Which animal best represents him/ her?
If he/ she could do anything in the world, what would he/ she do?
Where would he/ she retire? (This is coming up next!)


  1. yeah i understand what you trying to mean here... just like fufu, many of his readers think he is a great traveller but he himself doesnt think so... still have plenty of places he hasnt been to ><

    the next post is related to chinese zodiac?

  2. This is an interesting game! Never played such a game before! : )

  3. I can't really relate to any superhero as I have none in mind right now. But I think I can be a superwoman once there's a call to be one.

  4. I wanna be Ultra Mother to my son, Ultraman Taro. :D

  5. LOL to Lina's UltraMother!

    I think I like Superman cos I like to fly! Can escape all the traffic jams! Haha!

    Besides, it's cool to be strong, and shoot laser with your eyes. And did Superman reverse time once when trying to save Lois Lane? That's superb!


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