Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Indonesian Wedding Dress

I have to share this - to show the grandness of all things Indonesian.

indonesian wedding dress

This is the main wedding gown which the bride wore for the church ceremony & the dinner. Can be seen here, the groom is dressed in an all-black suite.

What an awesome mix of traditional & modern! :)


  1. i don't think this is a typical indonesian wedding. my friends wedding wasn't that grand.

    well, i only know that when an indonesian girl married a foreign man. they have a grand wedding. just because the foreigner thinks that's the tradition. haahhaah

    in fact, few choose to get married in bali because it's cheaper. glad you enjoyed it.

  2. i think if she's not a chinese, things should be very different :)

  3. That's so pretty! :) I like the intricate designs.

  4. her wedding gown is gorgeous! Just wondering how she walked around without people stepping on her train ;)

  5. whoa, her wedding gown is huge~!
    she has the body to wear it too~!
    more pics pls..

  6. Indonesian orang kaya spare no expense for their grand wedding.

  7. more picture more picture! my gf like it very much!

  8. but isn't it similar to us here ?? but the dress is huge indeed !! :D

  9. Wow! Nice. Must be talk of the town for awhile.

  10. hi all
    yes, the dress is huge. quite a surprise to me haha. the bridesmaid help to carry the gown, i did help her too throughout the day.

    will try to get more pics of the couple up soon :)

    the ceremony was quite different, its a stand up buffet, and the couple didnt eat throughout. all they did was to shake hands to all guests & photo taking. :)


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