Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pacific Place

Like many visitors to Jakarta city, visiting the malls is a must. And I got a chance to visit one of its newest mall, Pacific Place.

This is quite a high end mall... and just like the other malls in the capital city of Indonesia, it is huge as well.

pacific place shopping
See the number of stories!

As it is rather new, not all of the shops are opened yet. But even then, the current outlets are already quite many - with big luxury brands, some of which are brands from even Malaysia & Singapore.

I wasn't really here for shopping actually, but nevertheless, managed to be awed by the mall.

I especially like the higher levels where the restaurants are. This is because, they really take effort in making the place a themed area (more like a theme park), and not simply just dining per say.

pacific place restaurants
People can dine in style

The water element is used quite a bit here. Interestingly its ceiling is painted in light blue for its blue sky feel. Yes, its artificial, but it gives a joyous feel to a shopping & dining experience here.

pacific place restaurants dining
The shopping centre is big enough even for a boat!

There is also the high end food court like, serving local delicacies, where customer are given cards to place orders & pay only at exit.

pacific place restaurant
The high end foodcourt is like in a cafe on the street huh

pacific place, restaurants, food
Host of stalls serving local food in this clean & neat restaurant

pacific place, restaurant food
Amongst the many local Indonesian food

The food was quite unique - to a visitor especially. But even my local Indonesian friend mentioned that the food here is not bad.

I guess the rest of the mall is about the same as many other luxurious malls around Asia, except for these 2 things I saw:

pacific place cd shop
Small CD shop at the middle of the mall's corridor

I say this is unique because hardly do I see CD shops these small. And for a 'shop' to be in the middle of the corridor. I guess this is partly due to the shrinking CD industry as well.

And before I went off, I saw this at the entrance:

pacific place event
A large group of performers in 60s outfits

My Indonesian affiliate mentioned that "Indonesians are 'brave' (dare to show their talents/ skills), and are not shy in doing anything... which a foreigner might find it a lil 'crazy'".

Though for me, it gave a good feeling seeing the group, all quite confident despite wearing a different eras clothes & with big weird hairdos.

In all, going to the Pacific Plaza shopping centre has been another eye opener to this grand city... that yes, this city is quite 'rich' actually.

Truly, this would be a good recommendation for the shopping enthusiasts! (& business too) :)


  1. Is this mall bigger than Siam Paragon in Bangkok?

  2. no, not this mall. though it does remind me a bit like klcc & taipei 101 :)

  3. Beautiful mall!
    I love that yacht.

  4. oh man! the pictures are mouth watering!

    by the way, i want to buy your book but i don't have credit card. is it possible if i use bank transfer? mind to email me your bank account at :

    thanks! i always support blogger!

  5. ok done! :)
    can't wait to see what you have inside

  6. wow... u just changed my impression of indonesia!

  7. @erimin
    thank you :) actually took this with phone camera only hehe

    ya, its cool right to have that yatch :)

    hope you like the book & thank you for the support :)

    yes, actually this trip made me realise about how big indon is :)


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