Monday, August 04, 2008

Chopsticks Story

I just had a chat with a fellow entrepreneur friend. As usual, there are the questions of what are you doing now or going to do next.

So of course, I mentioned about the new book. But as on the future, I just gave him a statement - "the chopstick story".

Me & my stories - LOVE Malaysia story... and now to Chopstick story. lol.

To me, the Chopstick story was kinda usual, but my friend of course went "Huh?... what story again?".

The Chopstick Story
"You know the old story we learnt in school... the one about where the man has 5 sons - and each with a chopstick, it can be broken easily... but put 5 of the chopsticks together, it becomes strong"... "btw, was it chopsticks in that story?"

Anyway, he got my point. I can't remember if it was chopsticks - Chinese chopsticks, Japanese chopsticks or any other wooden chopstics or any other wood objects. Furthermore, I'm sure I heard a few variations to the story.

Whatever it is, the point is the same - being united, we stand strong.

This applies to business. Eg in the industry, players who work together rather than find each other a competition gains leverage. And apparently, this is one of the success stories of the Silicon Valley - where the IT companies are 'buddies' than 'enemies' - complimenting each other to succeed.

Of course it applies to a family or a nation as well for this 'chopsticks story' is really universal.

*It is funny that a simple story, which I didn't pay much attention to last time, is being played in my mind over & over again today. I guess those lessons we learnt in school do come in handy afterall :)

*On the future project, I guess the time is not right/ ripe to mention it now. The focus now is the 50+1 Malaysia book - we are arranging for lots of goodies & good news.
But a hint, the new projects (yes 2 in fact) has to do with uniting Asia :)

BengBeng, that is as much as I can tell you for now :)


  1. Sometimes it's matchsticks. :D But nevertheless the principle is the same. :)

  2. hi thanks for pointing the matchsticks :)

  3. it isn't chopsticks

    and it isn't matches

    they're just sticks


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