Saturday, August 09, 2008

Go China!

Many I guess were glued to their TV sets yesterday night to watch the Opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.

Being an olympic fan, and if I can say, a fan of China (Asia) as well, I was glued to the TV. Yes, though it was a Friday night, but it is a must-watch event 'not to be missed!'.

Opening Ceremony Highlights & Messages
The Opening Ceremony was simply spectacular. But behind the shine & glitter performances, China really took this opportunity to inform the world about itself in some subtle ways... here are some things I noticed, which I think are its messages:

1. The night was beautiful with the 'bird's nest' stadium in all its glow. This remarkable building is truly a architecture masterpiece, especially so at night. And it fits in so well with the snippets of its surrounding, including the square blue aquatic pool. Clearly, it shows that China emphasis a lot on image, so much so that when they do something, they do it in a big, grand & 'beautiful' way!

2. On the ceremony, what impressed me is how the Chinese bring thousands of performers together. This is no easy task especially with co-ordination. But I believe this is part in the event to showcase China's strength in its people. And with a huge population & talent, it clearly shows that China is ready to be the 'centre of the world'.

3. China took this opportunity to also reinforce what the Chinese has done to made an impact to the world, like the paper making - reinforcing the strength & brains of the Chinese. I think this shows that China is ready to be a part of creation & invention once again.

4. The coming in of the athletes in the non conforming way of the usual alphabetical order. I believe that this shows that China is prepared not to heed any rules, but instead is ready to make its own rules (in fact, it already has) for the world to follow.

Go, China!
Ask me a few years back, and I wouldn't be so receptive to China because of my lack of knowledge & understanding of the country... and even now, I don't really know China that well especially compared to my Chinese friends here.

But my perception of China has changed somewhat in the past recent years and I am in full support of this awaken dragon. This games has somewhat made a stamp for Beijing & China globally, reinforcing my belief that China will be the next superpower in the years to come.

So really, Let The Games Begin - to the Olympic Games... and to China in its quest of being the number 1 super-power in the world :)


  1. Zhang Yimou has done a good job in making the opening ceremony a success, with a touch of children dream theme, making it a very "ying" performance, unlike typical olympics, which might surprise many, since Western media keep saying China wants to display power through the games, who ever guess it went a totally different direction, with full of children innocent.

    The singing of the theme song "you and me" is the highlight of the ceremony, with child like voice of Sarah Brightman bringing the message of unity to the world while keeping it with the overall childhood innocent lullaby theme.

    The final flame litting is so dream like.

    See u later ^_^

  2. Glad that you enjoy the performances at Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony. It’s 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture in one night. If there’s any one who is studying Chinese history, you would appreciate the massive effort put in the Chinese organisers. It’s not an easy job!

    I’m very happy and proud of them. They did an incredible job!

    To the Chinese, Face is very important. We have to make sure we do our best as a host whenever we have visitors. No expenses is spared and nothing is considered troublesome … we will go to great extend to make our visitors feel at home.

    See this Olympic Games as a time to bond and make friendship, don’t mix politics with sports and it would be a great moment in human history.

  3. I watched the opening last night! It was sooooo cool!!! The best part was the torch lighting! :D

    Go Team Philippines!

  4. Yes, without doubt China is going to be the next superpower. It's already written in the stars - ask feng shui masters and they will say that this is the period where China reigns, overtaking USA. Even though I'm a Malaysian Chinese, I'm so proud of China. The Olympics opening ceremony was totally spectacular and the lighting of the fire cauldron by Li Ning had everyone in awe. What a brilliant display using the scroll and "kungfu" flying!

  5. I was particularly impressed by the martial arts performance. All of them kick punch & jump in unison. And hopefully Malaysia can get its gold this time. hehe

  6. when the little girl sang, i cant help but admire and thinking how proud her parents would be .. i m sure tears would be shed too...even when i was watching, i couldnt help feeling the lump at my throat too.. china is really something!!


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