Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grand Indonesia

I've mentioned how awed I am with Indonesia... especially right here in Jakarta. The perception I get is that this city is grand indeed.

Their shopping centres here are huge & luxurious!

And to make its mark, there is this mega shopping mall right in the heart of Jakarta, with a name that says it all - Grand Indonesia!

Despite the many malls all over Jakarta, all of which are rather huge & grand themselves, but this mall makes it presence felt even from afar.

grand indonesia
This is just part of the big mall

And if the outside exudes its physical size, inside this shopping centre exudes luxury and comfort.

There are simply so many levels of shopping, with every level/ segment catering to a different different theme.

grand indonesia, shopping
The mall's East & West wing have a full range of items!

Walking at every corner gives a different experience. There are the more family oriented corners with fully packed restaurants, the upper range segment with a great full rows of big restaurants, and the fashion district.

grand indonesia, music instruments
A full big part of the mall catering just to music instruments.

grand indonesia, fashion district
The fashion district

Each segment has a different feel, mainly due to the decorations, which makes some parts of the mall very theme park like.

grand indonesia, decorations
The big masks all over one corner of the shopping centre

One will know when entering the restaurant areas, as you can see the decorations lit up accordingly.

grand indonesia, chinese restaurants
The are for the Chinese restaurants

There is also the lounge for the tired legs.

grand indonesia, lounge
Just look at the number of rest chairs it offers

One part that I like most about this mall is its cinema (multiplex). This multiplex area is quite ahead of its time... and really a rest area for people to chill out and not just to watch movies.

grand indonesia, multiplex
They actually take the effort to make entering the multiplex & buying tickets even an experience

grand indonesia, multiplex, rest area
See how lush to wait for your movie

The cafe beside it really adds to this 'glamour' feel with its high ceilings, beautiful modern interior & high windows for a good view of Jakarta city. It gives a feeling like being in a huge tower.

grand indonesia, multiplex modern cafe
The modern cafe

grand indonesia, jakarta
What a way to chill out, before/ after your movie.

Truly, the experience here fits in well with what I think the country is promoting - ie. grandness. I must say, they did this with class & style.

And though there are so many malls around, but I think this is one mall every visitor should at least visit to fully experience Jakarta, Indonesia! :)


  1. Wow! Jakarta's mall surely looks grand. Looks like midvalley. Ha =)

  2. thanks for the headstart.

    i might be visiting jakarta end of the year...fingercross...

    and oso be visiting spore in oct.

    ps. love the bride's trailllllllllll.

  3. Glad you are enjoying your stay in Indonesia. I do think Indonesia has a lot of malls xD

    If you still here in Jakarta, wanna try Pacific Place? Its a very nice mall ^^

  4. wuah, i stopped coming for a few days n so much is happening in yr life :) great pics. u know i omos never read anything abt Indonesia on the blogosphere ( my blogger frens ) except perhaps Bali.

  5. I like the photo of the giant mask! Nice shopping mall!

  6. wow..if not for yr pics, i didnt know the wedding was so grand indeed...VIP wedding? the happy couple is your friend? i havent been to jakarta, only to medan more than a decade ago :)

  7. Very nice pictures and insightful too. Do they have as many shopping malls as in KL?

    Thanks, QC, for sharing.

  8. @tekkaus
    ya from the outside it does resemble a bit :)

    well, do remember to make time for the malls :)

    yes, i did visit that mall as well. nice ones u guys got there :)

    actually, not many of us know jakarta that well i guess.. hope this is a start. i really think there is a lot of potential there :)

    yes, the masks are quite huge, and gives good presence :)

    do go over to jakarta if you could because its quite nice... there's quite a lot of big malls haha :) and of course bali as well.

    yes, they have many many malls - i only managed to visit 2. i heard there are even other rather big malls :)

    thank you :) its just those street shots haha

  9. Ooo....I didn't thought that Indonesia could be so developed! You opened up my eyes, QuaChee!

    Am certainly looking forward to your next post about celebrating the new year in Jakarta, Indonesia. :))


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