Monday, February 09, 2009

Muar Food

Muar Food

muar food, hawkerWhen we arrived at the popular food street, all we know is that it is very very crowded... which only means one thing, the food must be good!

So, we walked around a bit to see what was the popular food. The main food attraction is actually the wan tan mee. But as there were no seats and because we were told to wait for 30 minutes, we decided to just try something else.

muar food, wan tan mee hawkerBut just opposite that is also another wan tan mee seller. Though less crowded, but still, it looked ok, and so we gave it a try.

muar food, wan tan meeWe hardly had to wait long for the wan tan mee to arrive. The wan tan mee was not too bad, though I think we've tried some better ones.... so maybe that stall opposite is really worth the wait.

muar food, oyster omeletteAfter the makan, we went to jalan jalan along the street a bit more to see if there's any other food to eat. And we chanced on this one - the fried oyster omelette.

I didn't know how popular this was until the lady at the stall came up to us without us asking, saying "No more. No more".

muar food, oyster omeletteWe were stunned - how come 'no more' but yet they are cooking so much?! Wow! And what another miss!

muar food, otak otakBut the one thing we did not miss is the Muar's famous otak otak! They were everywhere with different price range.

muar food, bak kwaAnd another thing we got is also the bak kwa (bbq sliced pork). I know it's quite a normal thing, but somehow it still caught our attention. Maybe it's the popularity of the shop and the atmosphere here.

muar food, bak kwaThe guy took a fan to blow the smoke and to start the fire.

muar food, breadAnd not too far, something that will go well with the bak kwa - homemade bread loaves.

muar food, duck rice chiliSoon, it was time to head back - but not before I 'ta pao' something back... with quite a fair bit of people eating, this got to be good.

muar food, duck riceYes, I bought some duck rice back for dinner!

And that purchase sealed our one hour food outing in Muar! I'll most likely be back again - next time for a longer time & earlier... to try that wan tan mee & oyster omelette! :)


  1. Aw geez, you missed the most popular food in Muar, the oh-chien! That is supposed to be the best oh-chien in Muar. I think you were not late but because it was CNY, more out-of-towners came to order.

    I don't know about the wantan mee but the "Mee poke" there is good, I was told. Maybe one and the same thing?

    The otak has a price range? I thought all stalls have the same price. Interesting.

  2. I know Muar's otak otak is the best I have ever tried! =)

  3. hahah I'm strange as I don't quite like the otak otak.. as they always not well smoked..

  4. What a food haven Muar is, best thing it's cheaper than JB! :D

  5. I prefer the Penang (steamed) version of otak-otak... haha.

  6. Hi QuaChee, I have an award for you at my site.

  7. Ok, learn some new things here cos never been to Muar. So the o-chien and otak otak is good according to happysurfer and tekkaus respectively.

    Quachee, eat so much, did you watch your weight or not? LOL! Just kidding! : )

  8. CNY is incomplete without bak kwa. my personal fave is the one located at jalan imbi, kl. very juicy and addictive.

  9. Read and heard a lot about Muar, but do not have any chance to vist this place yet.

    He he he!! Hopefully I am still able to say Penang foods are much more better later.

  10. Hi Q,
    You miss the fried oyster omelette! Don't forget to make another trip for it, it's good!

  11. Can never miss out their famous otak-otak. I am so craving for them now!

  12. @happysufer
    i have to go back then! hehe :)

    yes, agree! wonder why it is so heh :)

    haha. then u got to ask them to do 'well done' :)

    yes, it is cheaper! do u go there often? :)

    @day dreamer
    penang's one is nice too. i like both haha :)

    @seen this scene that
    hey thanks for the award hehe :)

    its hard to watch the weight with so much good food in malaysia! btw try going to muar when you can :)

    @life ramblings
    which one is it? (want to try too) hehe :)

    penang food is good - so delicious and lots of variety :)

    ill make sure to go back! haha

    ya, the otak otak elsewhere dont seem as good heh :)

  13. ur blog seems like a story without explaining where are the places. eg. what's the name of the 'popular food street'? i would be good if your blog is more specific so u can share ur knowledge with others.

  14. sorry for that, annonymous. not my style to be an informative blog at all times. tho i think some other posts are more informative.

    btw ur right, its a story and journey. but ill take yr advice in mind :)


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