Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chinese New Year Malacca

Chinese New Year Malacca

Red & merry - that's Chinese New Year in Malacca!

chinese new year malacca, cheng hon teng templeThe merry mood centres first at the temples, with people making their prayers for good blessings. This is at the oldest temple in Malaysia, the Cheng Hoon Teng temple.

chinese new year malacca, cheng hon teng temple entranceI sense joy & calmness in everyone (or nearly everyone) - seriously, the first day is usually the best time to see others in their most calmed mood :)

chinese new year malacca, cheng hon teng templeAdd that with the skies that seem to welcome the auspicious day too, with its picture perfect blue!

chinese new year malacca, temple streetDespite the huge crowd in the temple and even on the roads, however, I believe many won't mind as it adds to the festive cheer (again, I think this is the only time a traffic jam is 'not too bad'). Btw this is at Temple Street, the road where Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is located.

chinese new year malacca, blacksmith street, templeAnd not too far from Temple Street is Blacksmith Street which lies another beautiful temple.

chinese new year malacca, blacksmith street templeThe huge joss sticks caught my attention.

chinese new year malacca, dragon joss stickThe front of the joss sticks are even more beautiful.

chinese new year malacca, dragon joss stickLove the dragon design!

chinese new year malacca, dragon joss stickI'm thankful to come in quite a good time where I managed to still see the dragon pictures.

chinese new year malacca, blacksmith street templeThe temple looks all prepared to welcome the New Year - beautiful!

chinese new year malacca, blacksmith street templeThis temple is less crowded, but nevertheless still having the Chinese New Year atmosphere.

Apart from the temples, the festive mood is also on the streets.

chinese new year malacca,temple street carEveryone seem to participate and add on to the whole New Year spirit, including this vehicle with red decorations all over!

chinese new year malacca, jalan hang kasturi lanternResidents take the effort to really decorate their houses, making walking along these streets such a joy... especially this one, which is a must visit for me each year.

chinese new year malacca, jalan hang kasturi lanternJalan Hang Kasturi maybe less popular to its sister Jonker Street/ Jonker Walk (Jalan Hang Jebat), but it is here that one get to enjoy Malacca at its best in full authenticity... and minus the crowd haha! (I say full authenticity because the residents still do their old trade here).

chinese new year malacca, jalan kampung pantaiAnd beyond Jalan Hang Kasturi lies Kampung Pantai... which also adds to the atmosphere of the old town during New Year (the lanterns are small here).

This morning walk on the First Day was really something for me! It was quite a joy seeing others all dressed in their new clothes with a light happy spirit, and seeing the many simple yet beautiful red lanterns and other decorations amidst the old buildings.

chinese new year malacca, catAnd one more... to capture such a moment, where the cat is trying to drink water from the pipe!

This New Year period is Malacca at its best, truly! Makes me proud to be Malaccan... ahhhh! :)

*The Chinese New Year decorations in the old town are usually held a few days prior to New Year to a few days after. So if you are keen to see the merry red town, this is really the best time.


  1. Happy CNY! Great celebrations there eh? :)

  2. ah, the street gives such beautiful feelings. can't help but to love walking on a street like these. :)

  3. Thanks Q for sharing with us the CNY atmosphere at Malacca town. The pictures are well capture! I believe we really can feel the mood at all the temples in Malaysia & also other country...
    Do Malaccan do their prayer from midnight till morning in the first day of CNY? Like Butterworth?
    I love the last alley photo.
    Collect many Ang-Pow this year? :)

  4. Malacca so happening!! It really brings out the feel! ....!! :D thanks for sharing the pictures! and Happy Chinese New Year :D

  5. very clear pics, Quachee.. i m sure many from all over the world would love to see these type of scenerio ...
    if u had read my post, u would know that my pet dog is missing and i m missing him a lot too.. dont know why, perhaps i m pretty attached to him...sigh...

    ok, on the brighter side, i dont know whether u meant this or not, i hv this niece of mine whom i can say talented in her own way in designing, she is doing graphic course in One Academy..and her blog is this
    the 3 of them are doing side business in designing shoes and tshirts for a small profit..
    perhaps u dont mean this type of talent which is inspiring, but just wanna let u know that she is indeed a very talented girl, in both art and designs..

  6. These temples are indeed charming. Malacca is truly a place to visit for its history and beauty of past eras. Thank you for sharing, QC. Glad some old names are still being retained, I mean like Temple Street and Blacksmith Street. They would give people an inkling of what were there in the old days.

    Btw, did you know that dragons exist? They really do. They are far superior than the human race.

  7. My missus watching the series on Astro...and I pay the bill! Tsk!! Tsk!!! Thanks for ur CNY greeting and here's wishing you Gong Xi Fa Cai too...and Happy Chao Goh Mei!!!


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