Thursday, February 05, 2009

Little Nyonya Town

Little Nyonya Town

The hit TV series of Singapore's Little Nyonya has put old Malacca in the limelight (ta daaa!). With a hit record of best ratings in 15 years & 1 out of 3 households watching, Malacca is now even a bigger tourist destination for fellow Singaporeans.

So, while I was back, I just headed to the old Malacca town to see and experience the town of the Little Nyonya.

However, as it's New Year, my focus would be on the decorations here.

little nyonya town, heeren streetThe upmarket Peranakan buildings at Heeren Street (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock). The old Baba Museum which was used as location shoot is located on this street (btw the lanterns here are the small ones, put up every New Year).

little nyonya town, 3rd cross streetMoving on is 3rd cross street, the adjoining road between Heeren Street and Jonker's Street. You'll need to look up to see this (btw, such simple lanterns make a good view, don't you think?).

little nyonya town, jonker streetAnd then comes the ever popular Jonker's Street/ Jonker Walk. It is used to be known very much for its Peranakan antiques, but now the street is also known for all things touristy (and Nyonya) - from pineapple tarts to the Nyonya cendol.

little nyonya town, jonker walkAs it's the New Year, lanterns of big and small are hanged throughout the whole road. It really is quite a sight!

little nyonya town, jalan kubuNot far off from Jonker Street is Jalan Kubu. This less touristy road is in fact just at the start of Jonker's Walk. My friend passed by and went "Wow, beautiful". I couldn't agree more (again, you have to look up for this).

little nyonya town, jalan jawaAnother road that I would like to take photos, especially during this time of the year is at Jalan Jawa.

little nyonya town, jalan jawaNot many people know about this road, as it's on the other side of the Malacca River, and nearer to Jalan Bunga Raya.

little nyonya town, jalan jawaEvery year, the road here is beautifully decorated, with lots of small lanterns. Add that with the blue sunset sky, it makes it perfect for photography.

little nyonya town, jalan bukit cinaAnd finally, also on the other part of the town, is Jalan Bukit Cina. Here too have old houses, though newer than those in Jonker's. However, old or new, it's still very into the New Year mood too!

I enjoyed walking on these streets... and believe tourists who like to experience the past in the present would love it too, especially those who come because of the hit Little Nyonya... the only thing missing would most likely be the little Nyonyas in their kebayas!

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  1. The Little Nyonya show was so successful they had a CNY appearance at shopping malls, had a live CNY reunion on TV and now a variety show on Nyonya food. Lol.

    And yes, very nice pics of Malacca, reminds me of stuff I did when being there :)

  2. Nice Photos! I want to go Malacca for holiday soon! Haha...

  3. Great photos! Photo #2..very familiar as I shot that colourful building too when I visited Malacca in Dec last year. Love Nyonya culture :)

  4. Beautiful photos!

    Malacca is now a bigger draw for Singaporeans? Oh boy, I'm afraid the chicken rice balls will cost more now...

  5. I used to visit Malacca. I love this little town very much, especially the food and old buildings. It's been like 8 years since I visited. Gosh.

  6. I like the photo with just 5 lanterns...

    What a beautiful state in Malaysia. The buildings look like building in Chinatown@SG hor, do u agree?

  7. Peranakan artifacts have been popular from those days. A friend told me that the frontdoor of her aunt's house was stolen one night. The door was inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The thieves sure know value when they see it.

    Lovely shots, QC. The last one reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I like the string of lanterns hanging like that... haha.

  9. Nice pictures. The Little Nyonya show is a hit in Spore!

  10. Really beautiful photos of lanterns in Melaka! Make all those streets look very charming!

    I hope Malaysian TV will show this Little Nyonya series. I love Singaporean TV shows!!

    And thanks so much for the rabbit key chain! Finally! Won something from you! Hehe! Just received it on Sat. Saw the post marked on the envelope - didn't know it would take 5 days for a letter to travel from Melaka to PJ! Thanks again! : )

  11. Malacca rocks! Yupe, watched the drama too. Not bad at all! =)

  12. @jl
    agree, little nyonya is not little! its qutie a success! :)

    yes, do go. think ull like it in malacca - there's quite an atmosphere :)

    nice - that place is the famous tun tan cheng lock road, where the peranakans stay :)

    so u like the chicken ball rice heh :) (btw malaccans always say things getting expensive cos of the visiting tourists hehe)

    wow 8 years is long. try visiting it again, and i think ull be surprised with the changes :)

    ya the buildings do look similar, but as a destination/ location i think chinatown @ sg is a bit different - more chinese, while malacca is more baba nyonya :)

    ya, its sad that a lot of peranakans now dont put too many nice things outside - either scared or already stolen.

    btw, glad u can relate the pic to that song. its a nice song :)

    @day dreamer
    thanks. its only done during the new year :)

    ya, know u like singapore shows. singapore tv will be glad to hear this hehe.

    and glad u got the keychain too :)

    what else would a malaccan say haha! :)

  13. i like this drama nice.the photos are very very nice.
    check this for little nyonya caricatures


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