Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kota Kinabalu City

kota kinabalu wisma merdekaAs I only had a few days in Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, my stay focused mainly in the heart of the city... navigating around the big parallel streets of Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen (which is by the sea) and the smaller street of Jalan Gaya and its surroundings.

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kota kinabalu gaya streetThis is the popular Gaya Street, with lots of good food. The weekday view is quite different from the Sunday Gaya Market.

kota kinabalu tourism buildingOne of the buildings not to be missed at Gaya Street is this heritage building, which is now the State Tourism Office (apparently, there's only a handful of old buildings left in KK, and this is one of them).

kota kinabalu marketAlso around the area is this Sunday market. I'm not sure if this market is linked to the Gaya Market for I only saw it on Sunday.

kota kinabalu shophouseOne of the streets near my hotel. This area is called Kampung Air, but don't mistake this with the water village on stilts at other parts of KK.

kota kinabalu shophouseApparently according to one Sabahan acquaintance, he mentions that the place I stay is not so 'central'. This despite the location is just about 5 minutes walk to Gaya Street.

He must be quite right, as I tend to pass by this area daily heading to Gaya Street and beyond. But I didn't mind the walk, passing by quite a unique view.

kota kinabalu shophouseTalking bout shophouses, there are many more on the other side at the streets of Lorong Sinsuran. Thought this tree looked quite nice here - growing healthily, well shaped and with flowers!

kota kinabalu shopping mallNot far off is the Warisan Square and Centerpoint. This is very near the sea already.

kota kinabalu ferryActually what I like bout KK is that it has this whole coastal view of the sea, giving it a very resort like city feel.

One just need to walk along Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen to enjoy the blue waters. Btw, this is a jetty point.

kota kinabalu gaya islandAnd it is from here that one can see the islands beyond - one of them is the Gaya Island, which has a water village which these residents are heading back to.

kota kinabalu sea sunsetThe boats here as part of the daily life makes this place quite 'authentic' in many ways - which city in Malaysia has this as part of their daily life?

kota kinabalu sea sunsetOne of the best times to come here is in the evenings where one can see the sunset - just like one egg yolk setting down! What a view...!

This is not all of KK city as I was informed that the KK town is much bigger than just this area... like at the 1 Borneo Shopping Mall area which is about 20-30 minutes drive from here.

I'll visit those another time, as even this area by the sea already has so much to see.... and that's coming up next!


  1. quachee..what happened to the google map? Access denied over here.. or perhaps it shows in my place here only? anyway, nice pictures u hv captured at KK.. any more contests u r holding this year?

  2. i habent go there. but im determine to visit there; fingercrossed this year.

  3. Hi Buddy,

    Your watermark have an additional "a"


  4. Hi Buddy,

    Your watermark have an additional "a"


  5. @reanaclaire
    the google maps seems alright with me here. contests, yes - there's more to come. that is of course if the talent i interview is willing to part with some :)

    @rw fine art
    yes, do visit kk. its really beautiful and i think ull enjoy it :)

    and u can watch this everyday! haha :)

  6. Beautiful KK, nice sunset somemore. :D

  7. Lovely place, I love the sunsets and the Manukan Island! Crystal clear blue water with lovely marine lives decorating it. No wonder Quachee and the tourists are all excited upon arriving.

  8. The streets are not as congested as KL which is great for a holiday. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. @stormwhistle
    alamak... thanks for pointing out though. hmm, ill leave it for now. haha

    ya, the sunsets there are really so beautiful. if im staying there, i think ill go see every other day! :)

    @land of singapore
    haha thanks. have u been there? :)

    i suggest you try to do a kk trip when you can. think ull like it too :)


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