Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gaya Market

gaya market"If you go Sabah, you must visit the Gaya Market" friends have been telling me.

So, on my final day in Kota Kinabalu, I made the early morning trip to the well known & must visit Gaya Market.

gaya marketThis is actually one of the busier streets in the heart of KK - Gaya Street. But on Sundays, it its closed to vehicles and turned into the Gaya market.

Despite only being 7 plus, the crowd was already out to this unique market, which sells nearly anything and everything (yes, you'll be surprised!).

gaya market cakeThere were lots of snacks, and one of them is this cake, nicknamed the Doraemon cake!

gaya market kuih lapisThe other cakes I saw is the many colours kuih lapis (layered cake).

gaya market coffeeAnd the local Sabah coffee, with machine and all.

gaya market durianFrom food, there's also fruits like the kampung durians (which was really tempting to buy!)

gaya market pink guavaAnd the pink guavas.

gaya market soursopOne of the fruits that caught my attention - the 'love shaped' soursop (btw, this was taken the day after Valentine's - what coincidence.... haha!)

gaya market orchidAnd from fruits, the other common sell were the uncommon plants like these beautiful orchirds. There were also hibiscus and other types of orchirds, plus some other uncommon plants for sale.

gaya market vaseTourists are not left out here.... and would also be able to buy souvenirs - from t-shirsts, keychains and vases.

gaya market painting sea shellSome stalls were also selling Sabah's local art and the seashells (btw, the prices here for the shells seems reasonable compared to some other places I've seen).

gaya market spongeThis wouldn't really be a souvenir, but then again.... (btw, this is a natural sponge).

gaya market antiqueThere are also some unique antiques sold here. The uncle gets a fair bit of attention by playing his musical instruments.

gaya market pan lesungI thought this pan looks interesting (can be used to make apom or roti canai?). The pastel and mortar (lesung) are behind.

gaya market fishThe food, fruits and even souvenirs may seem common, but what makes the market interesting is also the vast varieties of pets being sold here, starting with fishes.

gaya market pet hamsterOne of the hits with kids - the hamsters.

gaya market rabbitIt really is a pet lovers' paradise - so many rabbits!

gaya market catEven cats were for sale! Of course, this is a fluffy (and playful) one - plus not to mention, a pricier one.

gaya market dog But of all pets, nothing beats the many cute puppies, all waiting for its rightful owners.

gaya market pet dogWill that puppy get a new owner?

gaya market tortoiseThere were so many pets around, and one may just mistaken all live animals here are for pets. But apparently, this tortoise is not to be bought as pets, but for consumption (though one could of course).

gaya market seahorseThat's not the only unique find - there's also this seahorse, which is apparently good for health.

In all, I'm glad to have visited this colourful Gaya Market... which was quite an eye opener, seeing so many different items from what we would usually see in the markets in Peninsula Malaysia.

In fact, it's not just this market that was an eye opener. The whole KK trip was a big different experience... seeing a very different yet unique Malaysia, and that's coming up next!


  1. Very one of a kind market I say. Animals, souvenirs, even antiques sold here. Lol...

    But I really kesian the puppies inside the basket, they look so worn-out, so bored with life =(

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing~!

  3. So many things sold here! It's really worth a visit! But those cakes so many colours - I'll avoid that cos of artificial colourings! Haha! The love shaped soursop is kinda funny! : )

  4. @jl
    ya, ur right. but hopefully some good owners will take care of them :)

    most welcome. its such an interesting market. have u been to sabah? :)

    if not wrong, those are similar (or is) kuih lapis sarawak? hehe. btw, do u know some colouring in some food can be real. but its hard to find nowadays.

  5. Yes, I know you can get red colour from the red colour dragon fruit. But I think most people use the artificial colours. Cos it's cheaper.

  6. didn't know Gaya Market in KK is so hustling and bustling with life..

    u have spark an interest in me

    hmm KK..

  7. Yes, I have been to Sabah once many years ago!

    To have a combined concert with this Sabah Tschung Tsin Secondary School to raise funds to build a school.

  8. @foongpc
    ya, that actually kills the art. but i guess in a commercial world, we cant do much (though i think there are some kuih chang that still uses natural blue) :)

    haha u like shopping heh. ya, but do consider kk for any of yr next hols :)

    wow that quite impressive. how was yr experience there? :)

  9. Drop by thru Foong's blog.

    Fantastic photos, love the vibrancy of the market, the varieties it offers, and those oh so cute bunnies!


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