Sunday, February 15, 2009

From Winter To Summer Holiday!

summer holiday airportIt wasn't too long ago (barely 6 weeks?) that I was enjoying myself in the cold winter in Shanghai... and now I'm back to the now quite familiar airport for Summer holiday! (the spring came during CNY... hehe).

This time round, it isn't to a cold country place... but instead of somewhere warm.

summer holiday newstand
Btw, the airport seems busy, despite the early morning! (Even the newsstands are just being stacked with hot off the press papers!)

summer holiday breakfast queue
And after checking in, it's time for breakfast - something local. I usually don't wait for queues, but since I had time to spare, it's ok.

summer holiday breakfast
Finally it was my turn - and I got the yummy peanut butter toast set, which comes with half boiled eggs and tea (or coffee).

summer holiday aeroplane
And not long later, I'm up on the plane to my Summer destination! (btw, thought this photo of the plane's shadow is cool!)

summer holiday island

So, where am I heading for this Summer holiday? Well, let me give a clue - it has beautiful islands, with picturesque seaviews with wonderful sunsets... something like a resort town/ city.

And it has got to do with research on my new project (the webisodes), plus other business dealings here.

Ok - one last clue (this is a giveaway) - it's not out of Malaysia :)

*For those of you who have been following me on Twitter/ Facebook... you'll know what the answer indefinitely haha!


  1. Awaiting your travel jottings! :D

    p/s: Word verification: mates. LOL?

  2. So, are you back in Sgp now from your wheeling and dealing in KK?

    That breakfast set looks so yummy!!

    I like that picture of the shadow of the plane. It could pass for a shark underwater, eh?

    And that island looks so inviting. Did you go there too?

    Thanks for sharing your travels. Hope you accomplished what you set out to do, QC.

  3. hi, thanks for dropping by at my blog. i'm surprised to see your comments. :)

    the pictures are so beautiful. looking forward to your next writing :)

  4. dude, where are you going.. seems like very interesting place for snorkeling... I wanna to go snorkeling :)

  5.'s seems like Redang or Tioman Island....right? :)
    Anyway, both are my all time favorites!
    ....Sipadan Island?? Wow!! That's one of the GREAT Escape!

  6. Wah, half-boiled eggs yum yum :D

    That pic of the plane's shadow couldn't be cooler haha.

    I'm using twitter now, so following you! :)

  7. OK, no need to guess cos I already read your later posts. Reading them backwards. haha! Your peanut butter toasts and half boiled eggs make me so hungry! : )

  8. @day-dreamer
    lots more to come hehe. i have so much nice experiences on these places!

    word veri - now, that's spot on hehe :)

    from kk i went to kuching. of course im now back. but got so much to write about - so many good memories :)

    @chai yee
    most welcome. hope u enjoy the sabah holiday series :)

    ah, ur another island life guy heh. ya, snorkeling here was quite fun and i saw a fair bit of fishes + other sea animals :)

    haha, now u know where it is... but got so much more to come! (the place is so unique!) :)

    thanks for the follow! hehe. and yes, the half boiled eggs are always my choice when i leave from the airport haha. also thanks for liking the plane photo - thought its cool too :)

    makes me hungry too haha!


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