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Malaysia Book Update 21: More Reviews

I've been wanting to update this for a while, and I think now is a good time to share the other reviews we've gotten from the press.

I'm quite glad cos some magazines like KLue who has reviewed us for the Batik Inspirations book continues with positive review on the 50+1 Malaysia book.

And then there is 3 new press reviews - The Finder, CLEO and even Singapore's Today newspaper. The Singapore Today paper is the first review we have in Singapore for the 50+1 Malaysia book (hope more to come!) :)

Here are some of their highlights:

“Useful for newcomers to the region” Today Singapore.

“Trust us, you’ll find it un-put-down-able!” CLEO.

“There’s also the photography - lush, vivid and filled with life, it’s reason enough to give the book a read” KLue.

“This handy resource is a great eye-opener to all Malaysia has to offer” The Finder.

Woooaa.... what can I say, but that I'm very happy :)

Btw, here are the reviews in full:

50+1 malaysia book review, klue
KLue: 50+1 Reasons To Read

Local entrepreneur, writer and publisher QuaChee first came to our attention with his coffee table book, Batik Inspirations. While that publication focused on top batik designers and their creations, his latest book 50+1 Malaysia deals with something we’re all familiar with—our country and its many different facets and quirks.

The book is divided into seven different segments and serves as sort of a travel guide and introduction to readers curious to learn more about Malaysian culture. One of the segments is called “50+1 Truly Malaysian: Confirm Malaysia One” which attempts to break down our complicated Manglish language system into a form that makes it easy to understand for the confused foreigner.

There’s also a segment called “50+1 Malaysians: Now That’s What I Call Talent!” which highlights homegrown names like Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Mawi, Fish Leong, Nicholas Teo and even our Angkasawan, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar. And what’s a book on Malaysia without a segment on food? “50+1 Food: Very Sedap One” lists our culinary heritage. QuaChee is quite certain that even true blue Malaysians will discover a new dish on that list. And there’s also the photography—lush, vivid and filled with life, it’s reason enough to give the book a read. Check out to purchase a copy.

50+1 malaysia book review, the finder


Written by a team of proud Malaysians, 50+1 Malaysia - a compact entertainment-travel guidebook-features 51 must -do’s in seven sections: cultures & traditions, food, must see, how to explore, festivals and celebrations, home-grown talent, plus dedications from local and international fans. This handy resource is a great opener to all Malaysia has to offer. From Manglish explanations to hunting down the best Peranakan cuisine and how to spot a tapir in the wild, 50+1Malaysia also offers great tips for exploring the peninsula and beyond. Rm 19.90,

50+1 malaysia book review, cleo


How much do you know about your country? Don’t know enough? Then get a copy of 50 + 1 Malaysia, a must have pocket sized handbook on all things Malaysian! Trust us, you’ll find it un-put-down-able! Retailing at Rm 19.90, buy it at

50+1 malaysia book review, today singapore


50+1 Malaysia. $9.80.

Useful for newcomers to the region, this pocket size manual lists information such as the lingo - use of the word alamak, kao tim, etc - food, places to explore and home-grown talents. Those familiar with Malaysia will find a few new nuggets of information. Who knew that the first instalment of reality show Survivor was filmed on the resort island of the Pulau Tiga Resort Sabah? The presentation of the book, however is marred by the small pictures and the lack of page numbers.

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  1. Which goes to show good things live forever. Good for you, QC.

  2. hehe lucky i got a copy too! next time you must give me free la! hahaha :D

  3. Congrats Quachee! What will your next book be about?

  4. Congratulation to you again!

    Malaysia is so lucky to have a person like you! :)

  5. @josephine
    thank you :)

    thats a good encouragement. will work harder for the new projects :)

    will continue to publish the book, but the title remains and with updated contents. also looking to expand beyond this title to other destinations :)

    got a contest running for bloggers hehe. will do it for all books i guess (and you can be one of them) :)

    btw thanks for the support hehe :)

    looking at updating the book next year. and to expand to other destinations - in asia. but also am going into productions :)

    wow, thank you. that's such a compliment. actually, i think i like to promote malaysia - sometimes i wonder why. patriotic maybe? or is the country so beautiful haha :)

    thanks :)


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