Friday, August 30, 2013

A Lil On Pattaya Beach (And Central Festival Mall)!

"Can we see the beach?" I remember asking my buddies when we were at Pattaya. 

A shot at the beach was like a must - just to show that "I've been there". 

And so, on my 2nd day (and last day) in Pattaya, I did managed to do that! While on the way to the Central Festival Mall, I alighted from the car - just to walk along the beach.. for just a lil bit. And err yeah, to take some shots too. 

The Pattaya beach reminds me very closely to that of Phuket. A long stretch - with many foreign tourists (they call them the 'farang' :) ). 

As the sun was hot, I didn't do that much.. Similar to a lot of Asians, I guess sunbathing wasn't my thing. Besides, I had to catch up with my friends for lunch at the mall. 

Love how well kept the beach area is. Feels like a scene in the movies heh
But well, I got some nice postcard like shots! :)

A picture to remember the beach.. whenever I'm too stressed at work, this will come in handy ;)
Anyway, I walked to the Central Festival mall (which is just opposite the beach) - and honestly, I didn't expect it to be that huge. But I should have expected - cos to me, whenever Thailand does something.. they kinda do it in a "grand way". 

The inside of the mall feels familiar to those malls in Bangkok - carrying quite a range of middle to high end brands and a list of eateries. 

We settled for AKA Japanese restaurant - a value for money BBQ buffet. We meat eaters chose a load of meat - from pork to beef, and seafood too! Oh yummms!

I guessed we spent quite a fair bit of time there - and were really full from all of the eating!

After lunch, we took a breather at the "balcony" overseeing the sea. Guess that's like our "parting shot" of Pattaya! :)

*I actually managed to buy some stuff at Central Festival. I got myself a fluffy Monsters University Sulley pillow from Toys R Us - which is not available back in KL and also a cute lil "hamster". I'll save those for another post :)

Pattaya Beach 333/99 M.9 Banglamung, 
Chonburi, 20260, Thailand 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Glass House, Pattaya

So I was in Pattaya. And towards the evening, I thought it would be nice to at least see some part of the beach. And maybe dine in some seafood restaurant. 

And well, we did exactly just that - when we went to this restaurant at the beach - The Glass House. I know the name is already beautiful right? :)

We initially came over this place to spend the last daylight at the beach - while we could. I mean, evening time at the beach has always been my favourite!

The beach wasn't the prettiest I've been - but I wasn't complaining. The sun was getting down, the evening was cool. Just perfect for a chilling moment. 

Oh and I love the way the lights which are hanged at the trees.. just like stars. Yea, the dreamy fantasy mood kinda kicks in. 

Not wanting to let go the moment, I told my buds to try some desserts at their "dessert house". We ordered some desserts - though we haven't had dinner. 

In between, my buds decided to just eat at the restaurant... and so we moved from the "dessert house" to one of the tables - just in front of the mini stage.

The singer belted out some really chill and relax songs - in English and Thai. He did pretty good with English, but I felt scored more with Thai :) He btw did take requests too - and sang one of our favourite song by Singto Namchok. 

Food wise - they served some above average seafood. We ordered mainly seafood - fish, prawns, squid and fish cake. Personally, I enjoyed the tiger prawns and squid most!

*The Glass House
5/22 Moo 2 Soi Na Chomtien 10,Suklhumvit Road,Na ChomtienPattaya 20250Thailand

Tel: +6638-255922

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thai Ladyboy So Hot (At Mimosa Pattaya!)

What comes to mind when I mention ladyboy? Ok, how about Thai ladyboy?

Well, I've seen some really pretty ones before - princess like, if I may say so. But on this recent trip to Pattaya (yes, I was in Thailand once again), ladyboys just changed my mind. They can be not just pretty but oh so hot!!

I'll get to that in a bit. But first, let me tell you the place I went - Mimosa Pattaya, a European like "theme park" built in Pattaya. Interestingly, it has a tagline City Of Love.. and before some fantasy comes into mind, this is actually a family oriented theme park.

Love everywhere!

Me and my buddies who went to Mimosa Pattaya!

Walking into this place feels... like its theme - quite lovely. There's western style architecture with neat and cute paths (filled with grass and flowers - though fake) and also a small stream with real swans - yes love birds!

All along the area, there are speakers around - with live music coming from singers who were singing from a "mini stage". You can say romance can clearly be felt in the air.

Now apart from the romantic part of it, there's also cafes - some of which along the stream, which is quite nice though  me and my friends didn't chill that way. Instead, we were walking around the many different shops.

Cute bear buns!!
Was buying some coconut ice cream!

There were quite a lot of food shops, but the rest were quite souvenir skewed - the likes of selling Pattaya memorables. But there's more to just that. There seem to be quite a fair bit selling toys - some of which caught my attention (yea fanboys take note!).

I actually enjoyed myself much just walking around and looking at the shops, so much so that I didn't quite pay attention to the starting of the show.

I thought after all, this "free show" at the open air area has got to be just so-so... right? Well apparently, I was wrong! It's much bigger and better than what I've thought.

It may not have the lights (I watched the evening show) to dazzle, but the ladyboys did a good performance! They strut and danced in style.  I enjoyed all the lip sync and moves they had even though I was standing throughout the whole time.

And yes, some of them were really hot. The hottest is probably this who lip synced to Jessie J's Price Tag song. Yeah you can say my heart skipped a beat. Just watch the video for yourself!

So, yeah, Mimosa Pattaya - you rock!!

Mimosa... Mimosa Pattaya!

*Address: 28/43-44 Moo 2Na Chom Thian 20250Thailand

Suggest to go with Thai friends as apparently some foreign tourists got "conned" into paying 3000 baht per person. It's only 50 baht if you enter with Thai buddies. Be warned!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pork Pizza And Pork Burger (By Skippys Pizza)

Pizza burger.

Wait, what? If you are like me - thinking that you are hearing things.. well, you aren't. There is actually such food in Malaysia!

My friend who works near this restaurant introduced me to this restaurant - Skippys Pizza, which has a tagline of non other "The Real Pork Pizza Co.". 

Initially, I was a lil skeptical.. reason I've never eaten a pork pizza before. But, I trust my friend's taste (she highly recommended it).. and so there I was in this cosy Australian inspired restaurant (one will see the kangaroo posters displayed). 

The good food here - well, the pizza of course. The crust is crunchy and thin but what I like is the toppings, which came in rather big chunks - which means this restaurant wasn't stingy on its meat! :)

Oh btw, the pizza is best eaten with.. chilli! 

Since the pizza was a lil "heavy", we ordered some chicken wings on the side to compliment it. These were the only 2 orders I ordered on my first trip at the restaurant. 

But I was back again.. and the next round, I had the pork burger. Initially expecting a small lil burger from the kitchen, but what came out is actually a rather huge serving of burger - with a meat that's already mixed with cheese. The taste - awesome!

Btw, as we ordered the lunch set, the food came with orange juice.. and the pricing was pretty ok (below RM15 per person). 

The only setback of this outlet is probably the location where the parking lot is quite expensive, and probably the reason why I've only gone here twice though I do like the food lots. But hey, they also do delivery which I may just try someday. 

*Phileo Damansara 1
9 Jalan 16/11
Off Jalan Damansara
107 Blok D
43650 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 019 2509347, 03 79312555

*Opening hours
Monday - Friday 1130am - 10pm
Saturday 3pm - 10pm