Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Cutting My Tee Into Tank Top!

Videos, and more videos! Seems like I'm on a roll with them recently! Haha!

Well, I've been into tank tops of late. First using them at the gym - you know, nothing beats wearing the tank tops at the gym to see how well the muscles developed! XD

Now that I got the hang of these tops, I seem to like it more - and even wearing them off gym. \

But recently, I got some really nice tees from Brands Outlet (cheap and good!).. but they are not tank tops. Then I got the idea.. why not follow my friend who once cut his tshirt before.

So, I called him over... and we did just that!

Btw, I thought I'd video the whole process.. and so, here it is. Useful for you guys who wanna cut your tees too hehe

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  1. u gotta teach me how to do it! or at least the video comes with subtitle as i don't understand mandarin. ooppps!


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