Friday, June 27, 2014

Taiwan's Latest Craze: Pudding Ramen

Pudding with Ramen. Or Pudding with Instant Noodles.

What did I just say.. well, you read it right.

It's the latest craze happening from Taiwan.. and it's now a trend. And since it's so popular, I thought I'd give it a try, though however weird it is.

So, just the other day, I bought the instant noodles and well.. the caramel pudding. Stuff good enough for the weird combination. Now, just to note, I thought I'd buy the beef noodles - hoping it's the closest to the one in Taiwan, as I couldn't find pork noodles. And the caramel pudding - well, it's the only available one in the supermarket (though I got it from Cold Storage!).

The noodles I bought had a heavy taste, and it kinda drowned the sweet caramel pudding. So overall, it wasn't that weird for me at all.

Oh and just for the records, I didn't had any tummy upset from eating the pudding ramen. That's a wow seeing how vulnerable my tummy is.

And so, I think I'll try this again - but with other type of noodles the next time!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Free Beer By Carlsberg!

Guess what I was doing here? Does it look like me playing those dance machine kinda thing?

Well.. yes, and no.

Yes, because this is a game machine. But no.. because, it’s way more awesome. I mean, how can a chance to win beers not be way more awesome?

So, all this is part of Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine.. which I had a chance to play when they set it up at Pavilion recently.

There are 3 stages to the games..

The 1st stage was fairly simple: grab the beers that pop out with your hands/ fingers and don’t let go, don’t move.

Stage 2 was the tricky one.. cos the player then needs to bring the beer around the display, away from the shooting fire. Sounds simple right.. but err.. well, Initially, me and my buddy got caught (and burnt!) a few times.. and that means starting the game altogether!

But then we knew the trick! Place the bottles at the center bottom of the screen.. cos the fires do not go there :P

Yea, so we won.. and finally (in Stage 3) was to place the bottles into the basket.. and voila, we WIN! :P

Oh the last part take a winning selfie, and then collect the FREE beers that we won..!

Oh must I say, this made my movie thereafter a unique experience.. beer in cinema! Haha!

*The machine is making its tour around Malaysia.. there’s still JB, Penang, and hey.. Sunway Pyramid! (I might just go win more beers haha!). More info at The Carlsberg Friendtastic Machine.

*This is a short clip of my “beer game” exeprience!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Music With The Celebs (Beats New Product Line Up 2014)

Beats by Dr. Dre. This has always been one awesome music equipment.. and in 2014, it sure gets better. 

Recently, this cool brand released their new range of products with the media and celebrities. Oh and yes, they invited some of us bloggers too. 

And so.. I got the chance to be in a celebrity filled room.. together with all the cool Beats line up for 2014! Cool products and the celebs.. oh ya, that's really uber cool!

There were many celebrities present on that day but being rather oblivious to the media scene (I bet you it's not just because it's local).. I only know a few of them by name. 

The ones that caught my attention - firstly, Dina (Malaysia Idol Runner Up)! I've not seen her in person for ages now (the last was when I bumped into her.. in err.. yea, Malaysia Idol 2 when I err.. yea, went for the auditions!). Okay move on.. there's also the pretty actress, Joanne Yew. She obviously lit the room with her presence (and height!). 

But while the celebrities add shine to the whole event, it's the Beats speakers and headphones that truly shines with all the sleekness it has.. oh and to some of it, cuteness too!

Just like the Pill Dude which holds the Beats Pill speakers, making them into some really cute expressions! Oh and can you notice that each different Pill Dude colour comes with a diferent expression? 

There were many headphones on display and amongst them - the Beats Wireless which can be used up to 30 feet away and 10 hours of battery life! While I'm not sure of the quality exactly.. but just look at them. Aren't they just beautiful?!

Something still beautiful but in a more "transformers" kinda style.. I like the Titanium coloured Beats Studio Wireless headphones. This is for the tough guys! Btw, this headphones comes with Adaptive Noise Cancelation (ANC) for minimal noise distractions.

The other range of beautes which really impresses is the new Beats Studio 2.0.. which comes in a mix of colours. These 3 colours are probably the ones I like the most, which are pretty classy yet hip. 

Talking bout colours, the Beats Solo HD comes in even more colours - from Blue, Magenta, Purple, Green, Light Blue, Mint, Red, Black all the way to White! Yea, so many to choose from!

I must say.. I am pretty glad to have attended this event.. being able to see the stylish Beats, meet some cool celebs, and oh yea.. take some really awesome selfies with the Beats! Simply by putting them headphones on.. I have transformed to being stylo! Haha!