Friday, June 27, 2014

Taiwan's Latest Craze: Pudding Ramen

Pudding with Ramen. Or Pudding with Instant Noodles.

What did I just say.. well, you read it right.

It's the latest craze happening from Taiwan.. and it's now a trend. And since it's so popular, I thought I'd give it a try, though however weird it is.

So, just the other day, I bought the instant noodles and well.. the caramel pudding. Stuff good enough for the weird combination. Now, just to note, I thought I'd buy the beef noodles - hoping it's the closest to the one in Taiwan, as I couldn't find pork noodles. And the caramel pudding - well, it's the only available one in the supermarket (though I got it from Cold Storage!).

The noodles I bought had a heavy taste, and it kinda drowned the sweet caramel pudding. So overall, it wasn't that weird for me at all.

Oh and just for the records, I didn't had any tummy upset from eating the pudding ramen. That's a wow seeing how vulnerable my tummy is.

And so, I think I'll try this again - but with other type of noodles the next time!


  1. hahaha... i saw it too was a bit hesitate to try. hmmm maybe should give it a try during the weekend weird instant noodles with pudding hopefully my tummy won't go olala :P


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