Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blue Skies And Taipei 101!!

This time round, the weather is not as cold as my previous trip..

While this makes it not so 'cool', but on the other hand I get to take some really awesome photos of Taipei 101 in this blue skies weather!!

Owh ya and if helps that the 3rd hotel I'm staying in this trip has a nice Taipei 101 view.. and the fact that I made time to visit the surroundings of the tower (was at Sun Yat Sen Memorial yesterday!) :))

More Taipei fun to come!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

I See You (Again) Taipei!

I'm in this favorite city of mine again!

Ahhh the feeling of familiarity.. and of course being in this cool city!

I've just arrived and haven't done the full jalan jalan and all - but that's about to change the next few days (and nights)!!

Till then, I'm gonna savour the atmosphere.. and owh yeah, the tiny raindrops - which makes it feel a lil snow-ish, even if just a bit!! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The First 2 Short Films

Have been teaming up with a friend to produce some short videos.

We started off with 2 videos for the Berjaya Youth Competition, which we participated under the Inspiring segment (how apt!).

Initially when we spoke to our friends, we kinda liked the 2nd video (Teh Tarik - Life Isn't So Bad After All) more. But at the end of the day - after productions & the editing, I think the Acceptance video was somehow cooler.

Well, you be the judge here. And oh yeah, recognise any familiar faces? Hehe.

While we didn't make it into the Top 10, but I find this a good start to many more videos to come! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Your One So Hard One Ah?

This conversation happened sometime last week, and I thought I'd just share this.

Person: Hey why your one so hard one ah?
Me      : Err...
Person: Usually people's one softer. Yours very hard ah.
Me      : Issit? Hmm...
Person: You touch mine. You see.
Me     : (pressing) Oh, yeah huh. Well, I don't know lah, mine is always this hard anyway..
Person: Yeah, err... good for you...!

I guess many might wonder what conversation is this.. but hey, this actually happened in the iPhone specialist repair shop (yeah, my iPhone hanged just after a few days after Steve Job's passing - call that coincidence or what?).

And the person in that conversation was referring the hardness to the round home button on the screen (what were u thinking?) :)

How bout you iPhone users - how hard is yours? And I mean that home button. Hahaha!

Monday, October 17, 2011

3 Factors And 1 Competition: Tri Factor!

I've said it before, and I'd say it again. Malaysia sure has got talents :)

And it's nice to know the many things happening around the city promoting just that. One recent one I got to know about is the Tri Factor competition.

The concept of the whole competition sure sounds pretty cool & unique. Teams of 3 will battle each other via 3 categories (Modeling, Fashion Photography & Fashion Design).

The Models

The Photographers

The Fashion Designers

The competition has seen its round of preliminaries and now it's time for the Grand Finals. And what better way to have some very cool Malaysian singers to perform for the event!

Amongst them... and the one that I'm looking forward to is non other than Malaysian Idol Winner, Jaclyn Victor!

The rest who are there include Nadia Heng, Eleen Yong & Iqwal.

This sure looks to be one exciting night & I do look forward to it! :)

*For those keen on the event, you can get the tickets for the grand finals can via Alison (014 6466254).

*The Tri Factor Fanpage is at

Merry Early Christmas!

I've mentioned before that I'm currently learning piano. And just a few days back was my 2nd lesson!

Okay, I'm gonna say this again.. I'm still awed by the fact that I'm able to learn (and play.. ehem ehem) the piano! Oh yeah!

Btw, in this 2nd lesson, I have learnt to play the piano with 2 hands - whoooa!..!! Oh and the song - Jingle Bells! How appropriate since I love the Christmas season much!

Christmas, sure comes early this year!! :)

Btw, video edited with Final Cut Pro - thought I'd combine both skills into 1 :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm On A (3 Weeks) Break!

Okay, so while I write this, I'm already in my very first week of my break. And I'm sooooo enjoying it!

But first let me say that I know that I'm (sooo...) lucky!! Well, especially so in Malaysian context.. Like, how many working people actually get to go for such a break, huh? This ain't Australia, right? (On a side note, no wonder so many Malaysians wanna migrate to Australia!).

So what have I been doing so far? Enjoying life that is, and enjoying the moments!

american dad

One of them - sleeping in! And doing nothing except exercising the eyes. Yeah, like staying in bed & watching one of my favourite (adult) cartoons - American Dad!

g tower swimming pool

The other thing that I've been having fun with is swimming at the pool with this beautiful view of the twin towers!

Got this G Tower Hotel gym membership from one of those discount voucher sites (Groupon if not mistaken), and I must say this 1 month 'trial' is really a pleasure - not so much for the gym per say, but the pool!

fish head beehoon

Taking my time to think of what nice to eat (and not just eat anywhere cos it's convenient) - that's another thing that I've been doing. Like this lunch today - one of the best (if not the best) fish head beehoon that I've ever eaten (@ Soon Soon Pan Mee & Fish Head, Damansara Perdana).

summer love webisode
This is the old logo. Stay tuned for a 'revised' version :)
And oh yeah, working on my passion/ interests & dreams..!! Yeap, Summer Love the webseries is now revived (finally!). Lots happening behind the scene now (ie planning & meetings!), and that kinda fills my hands apart from the other leisurely stuff.

Oh, there's more. I'm also digitalising all my CDs - copying them into the computer. Done a bit the other day, but there's so much more (like really a lot more!) to go! Realised I have some unopened ones (ooops!).

So happens that the Travel fanpage (Travel Khaki) I'm doing also features Taipei. Haha!

Last but not least, planning for my holiday. And err.. after thinking through, I'm going to one of my top 3 favourite cities.. Taipei! Oh yeah!

I can't wait (that's happening towards the end of the 3 weeks). But wait, let me enjoy the other moments too! Ah.... life. How I wish this won't end.. Hahaha! :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs

He came, he saw, he conquered. That's how I'd summarise Steve Jobs.

steve jobs

He saw the missing link in the music industry - and he fixed it. He saw what was the problems with handphones, and created one cool product for that.

And all these by a guy who wasn't from these industries at all. That's what inspires me. That he believes in what he does, has a vision for them, and made history happen... that despite the many people who didn't believe him initially.

I still remember a time when newspapers were reporting other CEOs from other phone companies brushing off the iPhone as a toy and that it will not succeed. But look at what it has done to the phone industry & the way we communicate. Oh, and make it cool along with it.

As a budding entrepreneur, he sure is an idol to look upon for his success & how he persevered to succeed - and succeed big! To be at his level, impacting lives, and making a difference in them - this is like nearly every other entrepreneur's dream.

steve jobs

But that's not all - the fact that Steve came from a humble background, was a school dropout, and someone who has been kicked from the own company he formed.. this is also the other side that I'm inspired about him. That he is also like any other human, like you & me.

And the fact he survived all those to create products after products that makes the earth stops moving when it's launched.. like the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone & the iPad.

So when his passing came along last week, sad I was. Like many, I will remember him for his creations to the world, and for the entrepreneur he was.

RIP, Steve Jobs.

A very inspiring speech by Steve Jobs which I believe everyone - entrepreneur or not, should watch & listen  :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

依然愛你 Still In Love With You (Yi Ran Ai Ni) By Wang Leehom

Been seeing this video being shared on my Facebook timeline.. which prompted me to watch.

After all, it's Leehom's music - which is still one of the reasons I still Mando pop!

Btw, love the video. It has the right lovey dovey moments all in the right place, while not being overly cutesy like some MTVs :)

Btw, guess what, the MTV is created by non other than Wong Fu Productions! Now, that's sure one collaboration & inspiration!

Here's the sing-along lyrics, which I'm sure many will want to sing to:

Wang Leehom 依然愛你 Still In Love With You



所以要讓你懂我依然愛你 就是 唯一的退路
我依然珍惜 時時刻刻的幸福
你每個呼吸 每一個動作 每個表情
到最後 一定會
我依然愛你 或許是 命中注定
多年之後 任何人都無法代替
那些回憶 依然無法忘記
我依然愛你 就是 唯一的退路
我依然珍惜 時時刻刻的幸福
你每個呼吸 每一個動作 每個表情
到最後 一定會
你每個呼吸 每一個動作 每個表情
到永遠 一定會

Twinkling sparkling
Leaving traces of the years
The center of my world
Or do you still

Year after year after year
Flies only in a blink of an eye
The only change is never
Is constantly changing

I like their former
You a little bit like you
But in my eyes your smile
Still beautiful

Days can only move forward
A Fangxiang Shun clock
Do not know how long
So let you know I still love you is the only escape route
I still cherish every moment of happiness
Every breath you face every action of each
Will end
Still love you

I still love you may be destined
Years later no one can replace the
That time is the best my life
Still can not forget those memories

I still love you is the only escape route
I still cherish every moment of happiness
Every breath you face every action of each
Will end
Still love you

Every breath you face every action of each
Will forever
Still love you

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pepper & Salt: The Smurfs & Halloween!

Halloween is coming! Oh well, I don't really celebrate it either.. well not here in Malaysia! But then, I got these Smurf toys as present from a friend.. and that gave the idea for this next comics! :)