Tuesday, July 10, 2012

McCafe Finally Comes To Malaysia!!

A new cafe is brewing in town.. and it's a familiar name. Yes, McCafe has finally, finally reached the shores of Malaysia!

To some, this is a tad odd, seeing that some of our neighbouring countries already have had their McCafes quite a while back. Yes, I still remember going to them in Singapore when I was living there then. 

But anyway, fret not. The McCafes, early or late.. has arrived. And that's all that matters!!

So, how is the set up like? Rather similar to the McCafes I've been to, it's parked together with the usual Mcdonald's. Some can call that more like an 'extension' - which serves cafe specialties. 

So, there is the usual fare of cakes (including the awesome brownies) and their range of coffees, which are specially brewed. 

But as a non coffee drinker, I opted for the hot chocolate instead.. yeah, that came with the signature M on top of it! :)

The price range is pretty reasonable - quite similar (plus minus) that of the other cafes in town. Food wise, I'd go with the cakes - especially the brownie!

Owh, and for those wanting some meals, there's always the burgers to order at the other counter!

Me enjoying my hot chocolate!!
This first outlet is at Kota Damansara. Mcdonald's have plans to roll out many more outlets in the coming weeks & months. So, there will be a McCafe coming near you - real soon!!!

*Malaysia's 1st McCafe address:
Lot B, Jalan Cecawi 6/18A
Kota Damansara


  1. I live in the UK and we don't have any McCafes! Im traveling through Asia soon though and I can't wait to go through Malaysia, the food looks amazing! Might even try a McCafe haha



  2. Just wondering - their hot chocolate taste more milk or more chocolate?

    I'm still waiting for one closer to me to open before I go back again. Haven't been back since their espresso cup promo, haha

  3. Yay!! Another place for me to get my cup of coffee!! Got wifi there right? Sure must have or I won't go! LOL!


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