Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crowdfunding For Summer Love: KL! Songs (Through Mystartr)

I have always love the idea about crowd sourcing. Have done that for most of my projects - the most notably one is probably for the 50+1 Malaysia book where I invited the public to share photographs to be published in the book.

Well a few years later, and I'm crowd sourcing again.. or crowdfunding to be exact.

I have seen Kickstartr.com, and been impressed with it. Its a platform for individuals and companies to get funds from the public to Kickstartr their project.

This is a big platform, and as cool as it sounds, however we didn't put our project up there. Probably the thought that our project is much more skewed locally was the main factor.

Us (from Superboyz.tv) and Mr Goh, the founder of Mystartr
Move fwd, and we met Mr Goh, who is the founder of Mystartr.com.. the localized version of Kickstarter.

So uploaded the project we have, and that include thinking of unique gifts for our funders/ contributors (for after all this ain't charity).

And what are we raising for? Well to fund the production costs of the recordings of the 3 songs for Summer Love: KL! This include mainly the recording hours (at RM70-100/ hour!), mixing and mastering for a full complete song.

Anyway, we are glad that we have achieved our initial target of raising RM1500. But, we are still looking to raise more. Reason being - the costs that we estimated has increased because of the additional hours needed.

The costs now stand at slightly over RM3k, more than our expected RM2400 initially.

Now here comes my sales pitch (haha!). If ur keen to support us on this project, do choose the right package that suits you. We have various contributions in return like name/ credit mentions, CD giveaway (with different versions of the songs), appearing in the making of video and all the way to us making a personal video for you. The video making is quite a prize!

Owh to support us go here >> Summer Love: KL! Crowdfunding.

So you got the website, fund us maybe? :)

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