Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Port Dickson Trip

A few weeks back, I decided to go for a short break - a one night trip to Port Dickson. The reason was I wanted to enjoy the sea - and that seems to be the nearest sea getaway from Malacca.

Actually despite the destination point was Port Dickson, but what I enjoyed most throughout the trip was the journey along the way.

I took the kampung road (village road) rather than the usual highway/ expressway... to experience a different view. And an experience I did!

First, it was interesting to pass by 2 kampungs with unique names.

port dickson trip, ramuan china kechilRamuan China Kechil - 'small Chinese ingredients'

port dickson trip,ramuan china besarRamuan China Besar - 'big Chinese ingredients'

Next was the Malacca - Negeri Sembilan border. It has been ages since I've passed this route, and think this must be pretty new.

port dickson trip, malacca - negeri sembilan borderI wonder how the people living at the border feel like living in 2 states :)

port dickson trip, empty roadDriving onwards, I then passed by this very quiet street, which has just 2 rows of shophouses. And this really caught my attention. I would say that this was the best part of the whole trip!

port dickson trip,It's so queit that there are hardly any cars.

port dickson trip, old houseAnd most of the houses are empty.

port dickson trip, old shop houseHonestly, it does give a certain atmosphere.
port dickson trip, restaurantThe only restaurant there. There was a fair bit of people here on a quiet afternoon.

port dickson trip, brown buildingQuite beautiful - though a pity it's empty - just like the many other shophouses here.

port dickson trip, treeI spent a good twenty minutes or so at this small town. Though it is rather unoccupied, I hope that the buildings remain.

I'm glad I did this journey. The trip here to this small town got me thinking that this place can be a good location shoot for a movie. Afterall, it does have the 'feel' and 'atmosphere' already. And it's pretty quiet... Maybe someday, this place will be in one of the films I do :)


  1. Interesting little town. What's the name of this place? Could the shophouses be gazetted to be replaced with new buildings?

    Malaysia has a lot of such little places - very historical.

    You may want to hurry up with the production before these are destroyed, eh?

    Thanks for sharing, QC.

  2. Looks like a ghost town. How come no one in sight? :P

  3. I do not know what to choose either driving to Muar or going there by bus. I am afraid that the highway will be jammed as it is school holiday. Any idea?

    Mom prefer if we go by car but I hate bad traffic.

    Let me know what do you think ok?

  4. @happysurfer
    oh i hope its not gazetted to be replaced...! though i doubt it is at this moment. there are so many other old buildings in the town and other small towns.... but i know, one can never be too sure! lol.

    talking bout productions, yes, i better get started heh. there's so many things i want to do - but i need to get grounded too lah. guess that's why its taking some time. but definitely, it will be done! :)

    yup, it does seem very queit.

    unless there is a train, i suggest you drive. being in the car stuck in traffic is better off than being in a bus - at least you can choose to rest when you wish.

    and if tired, you can also take a detour like this and enjoy a different view :)

  5. Sometimes the journey is more enjoyable than the destination. Funny name for the 2 kampungs! The quiet street is just perfect for your film making venture! When can we see your 1st movie online? : )

  6. @foongpc
    ya, actually this reminds me to enjoy my entrepreneurship journey as well. for the end is just a destination, but the journey is a process :)

    for the online productions, im now working on the funding. hopefully all up by 2nd quarter next year :)

  7. Nice post Quachee!

    The Ramuan China signboard is silly. As a Malaysian, I found it a bit disturbing to see road names being change wantonly by the local council.

    My hometown used to be Taman Petaling or Petaling Garden. DBKL changed it to Jalan Bengkulang without consulting the residents. What the heck is bengkulang? A tulang maybe.


  8. @mylo
    lol. yr 'tulang' statement is funny! im sure many people were unhappy of this! wonder why they had to resort to a name change for your place.

  9. QuaChee,

    Not only my place...many places including Jinjang, Cheras and latest? Jalan Alor @ Bukit Bintang.

    DBKL changed Jalan Alor to Jalan Kejora. After episodes of protest and public outburst...back to Jalan Alor again.

    1st - Our local council got too much money, spent it on renaming roads with silly and stupid names instead of filling up da pothholes.

    2nd - Malayanise the road names.

    As simple as that. comments are turning into a political sounding one...


  10. been to PD but nvr really notice these buildings. thx fer sharing.

  11. Nice little some in Sarawak, but they're fast disappearing. No beach in Malacca? Ayer Keroh got, I thought?

  12. @i blog/u read
    this is actually on the way to malacca. so unless u take this route, you wont see this. :)

    but even then, there are so many routes back to malacca. and i actually lost my way and didnt take this route back.

    malacca got beach, but lots reclaimed. and in fact, ive never swimed in malacca beach - except maybe once.

    not sure if safe enough to swim.

    btw, ayer keroh got no beach. it has a lake :)

  13. The little town look so peaceful, so far away from the hustle bustle of big cities.

    I am really drawn towards the pics. Very charming little town indeed

  14. I've never tried this road before. Next time must make my PD trip not so rush then can give it a try. BTW thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  15. Just dropped by your blog ...

    Dude, i like the last picture... the color of the tree does come along with the bricky wall :-p

    Awesome shots!

  16. @acura
    yes indeed. its such a quiet town. suitable for relaxation.

    ur most welcomed! ya, i think there's more to our country to explore - like this lil street! :)

    thank you. that was the reason i first stopped here - for this shot! :)

  17. I've been to PD a few times and I have to say it's a great place. But the sea shore could be better. I love the photos of the buildings you took. But the unoccupied houses really give me that creeps. LOL =)

  18. @tekkaus
    i also somehow felt that pd has in a way lost its glitter. but this revamp is a good start.

    im actually hoping malacca to have a good beach! :)

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