Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hangzhou Westlake

One of the reasons I'm coming to Hangzhou apart from is near proximity to Shanghai was because an acquaintance mentioned that she likes Hangzhou most of all cities in China!

hangzhou winterThe taxi ride from the train station to the hotel wasn't very far - maybe about 10 mins. Along the way, I passed the central town to this view - which is beside the famous Hangzhou westlake (Xī Hú 西湖).

I must admit the view is really breathtaking. It was like stepping into a postcard!

hangzhou west lakeAfter a quick check in, I rushed out to the lake, which is just opposite the hotel. And the view is even more astounding!

hangzhou west lake sunsetI'm lucky - first to be able to catch the sunset (at the Leifeng pagoda), and secondly because of the good weather (the other evening lake views were not as nice).

hangzhou west lakeThe sun sets pretty early here during the winter season - around 5+.

hangzhou westlake reflectionThere are many places to visit around this huge 60.04km square lake - with the tourist information recommending the Top Ten Scenes & The New Top Ten Scenes.

hangzhou westlake trees
Well, with so many places to visit, I've been spending lots of time here around the lake and its beside park - not that I'm complaining as it is really scenic.

hangzhou westlake park
But instead of following all the top 20 places, I just take some walks as far as I can go round the lake - which I'm sure I passed those 'must see' places.

I also tried the boat ride across the lake as well for 80 yuan - though I think I might have got cheated (but that's another story).

hangzhou westlake boat
For those further places from where I'm staying, I took a taxi ride as well - to places like the 'Lingering Snow on Broken Bridge' (though I didn't see any snow despite this winter season) and the ' Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake' (which I saw during the day - so no moon).

hangzhou westlake boatsBut what I did see is some workers in boats cleaning the lake. Now that is huge task! (see the pile behind - that's just one of the many 'finds').

hangzhou westlake autumn leavesAnd I also saw how the lake surroundings would look like during its peak autumn period where the trees are in its red leaves. This are the rare trees which still are in autumn mood! Haha.

hangzhou westlake ice creamAnd yes, I managed to get an ice cream over this part of the lake! Honestly, I was delighted to see the ice cream stall (like a small kid!). The ice cream tasted good and was cold & sweet... except for the price - 10 yuan!

Well maybe this ice cream from the 'mother of westlakes in China' deserves that price. In any case, how often can one eat a cold ice cream at this scenic lake heh? :)

Coming up next: Another beautiful part of Hangzhou - the old town.


  1. hei, the lake and scenery is really beautiful!

    but looks like everything so expensive, haha~

    merry Xmas quachee!!!

  2. Really beautiful photos! I like the sunset shot of the pagodas. The park beside the lake is awesome! Actually, the ice cream looks yummy too but 10 yuan? That's pretty expensive! Is it to cater for tourists?

  3. @bbcommunity, day-dreamer, foongpc

    yes, the place really is scenic. a good place to visit. but one thing i realised - it's really a tourist place - got to be prepared to spend!

  4. 10 yuan!!! It is expensive!!! Considering it's sold in the streets. Or maybe a high-class stall. :P

    Or maybe it's some branded ice cream. Hehehehehehe...

    The place is obviously for tourists. Everything is so expensive.

    I love the pictures. :) The color from your camera is really good.

    Happy holidays!

  5. @宝茹
    i find hangzhou as a very expensive city - just too touristy, and not just the ice cream.

    on the photos, thank you :)

  6. i used to like mdm white snakes drama and story... and i really feel kind of "wow" when i was at west lake...nice and interesting to be on the location of a popular legends


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