Me, QuaChee!

QuaChee is a Malaysian entrepreneur, model, actor, publisher, producer & an online socialite.

His Dream & Vision
To be a successful media icon & personality: digital marketing strategist, producer, director, & to live his long time dream - acting.

QuaChee studied in Malacca High School, Malacca, Malaysia till Form 6 (equivalent to A Levels), and then furthered his studies in Nanyang Techonology University, Singapore (B.Acc).

The Media & Online Media Entrepreneur
After graduation, QuaChee stayed on in Singapore & worked in sales for a year before venturing into his own business. 

He published his first book, Batik Inspirations, at age 24. A year later, the book is sold in major cities across Asia. That was the start of him being an entrepreneur, and dabbling into the near-limitless online world.

In 2009, QuaChee moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to expand into the media business. 

With his passion for the greater media industry, QuaChee has co-produced a webseries (The Big Bibik & The Little Nyonyas) and was the Project Leader for the online competition for Malaysia's First Youth Ambassador, Project O&O.

Currently, QuaChee assists brands & companies to plan, strategise & execute digital & online campaigns. At the same time, QuaChee is also part of where he produces online videos & webseries with his teammates. 

The Online Socialite
A strong supporter of the online social networks, QuaChee started his blog to share inspiring things that can help make a difference in the world. The posts are mainly related to travel, lifestyle and food reviews. He also shares his personal journey as a media entrepreneur. 

@QuaChee is active on Twitter, where he connects with like minded personalities/ online personalities. He also connects via other social platforms like Instagram & Pinterest

The Model-Actor
QuaChee is a model and have modeled as the lead for brands like HP, Citibank, Pizza Hut, etc.