Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Was On TV Commercial (KL Eco Film Festival)

I should have shared this earlier.

Yes, I really should.

For it's good news. I mean, appearing on a TVC is always good news to anyone in it! :)

And yes, I was. Yes, I appeared in the KL Eco Film Festival 2013 promo TVCs which were shot way earlier this year. I must emphasize the way earlier lah - cos I think I was chubbier then haha!

Anyway, I didn't know bout this TVC till not too long ago.. just a few weeks before the festival itself was held. Apparently, one friend of mine saw it - and mentioned that I appeared in it.

So well, here is me in my 1st TVC appearance!

Oh and so you know - this was taken like way early in the morning - like 7am or so.. and I didn't had enough sleep! :P

Btw, here's another version of their promo.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Salcedo Saturday Market (At Makati, Manila)

I'm not your regular tourist when it comes to visiting Manila. Just like some of my other favourite cities, I have done quite a fair bit of touristy stuff..

So, on my recent trip there, I decided to try something different. Visiting the community market - Salcedo Saturday Market! Yes, seriously, I went to a market.. but hey, this is no ordinary market. Firstly, it is located in the Salcedo park right in the heart of the 'posh city' of Makati!

In my own words, this is more like an upmarket 'boutique market' - which caters to a niche crowd who are searching for unique homecooked food.

Below are some of the rather cool food which I noticed around the market. Oh if only, I could really... just eat them all!

Who says we can't sell crabs at the stall? 

Dessert packed so nicely, and inside so yummy!

How to miss this Filipino favourite? 

This was the best food we found there. 
This was a hotseller.. though I was too full to try. 

Size.. matters

As the market isn't that big (it's just a square size), it was pretty fast to cover it - well, apart from the various stops at the stalls. 

And after buying all the food, me and friends unpacked them, sat on the table provided... and well, indulged in some good Filipino food!

Filipino buddy who brought me to the market. 

*PS: Bring an umbrella, as it can get hot - or like in our case, a sudden pour of rain!

*Location: Tordesillas St., Salcedo VillageMakati, LuzonPhilippines

Monday, October 14, 2013

OMG, Bear Paw Restaurant!

What a bear restaurant? That's so.. kawaii (cute)!! I must go visit!!

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I heard bout this restaurant from a friend.

Love the big bold welcoming sign from the outside. But don't be scared - inside is all kawaii. 

And so there I was a few days later.

I really didn't know what to expect - I can't expect bear meat (of any sort), right?

Couldn't resist taking this pic.. with the cute teddy bear at the counter

And well, obviously I was right (damn!). The other thing I got right - well, they did put in some effort of being kawaii.. more like the Asian style cuteness, which I believe is rather appealing :P There's some bears - like stuffed bear at the counter and bear frames too.

But one thing I got wrong is that Bear Paw operates more like a "fast food" concept rather than a take-order cafe. But I guess for its price, that's okay. 

And well on the food, the main specialty are those burger like meat buns.. each with a bear paw marked on it! The food was decent in taste and I guess in size too - no, it's not really for the bear eaters!

Bear lovers like my buddy obviously love the place here :P

On the whole, I'm not complaining. I love bear stuff and to those into all things bears stuff will probably at least visit here once - if not for the food, at least the concept.

Me - I don't mind coming back too.. for the same reason :)

*Realised that Bear Paw originates from Taiwan. Ah why am I not surprised - after all, Taiwan is home to the "bears"!

*Bear Paw is located at SS15. The same row as McDonald's.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

My Manila Souvenirs (Because I'm Batman)

Mabuhay! I was back in the Philippines.. well, Manila to be exact!

This was a random trip which I took while I was on my break between jobs. I visited mostly familiar places - and the one thing I did was mall-ing. 

I visited the big Mall of Asia.. which I now kinda know my way around. And the one place I went straight - to the SM departmental store tshirt segment. 

Waiting in queue to try my shirts. Holiday is the one time when queues don't matter. 
Truly, I was like a kid walking into the candy store for me. There were lots of cool superheroes tees, and I chose 3 of them! Doesn't matter that this was at the teenage segment!

It's not all Batman.. got myself some Superman tee too :)

But, that's not the only souvenirs I got from Manila. I did buy a fair bit of other stuff.. which I've compiled in this video below. 

Owh, and btw, yes.. I caped up as Batman just for this video! :)

*I'm relaunching my videos.. and started a new youtube channel. Do subscribe me there (at Teddy Ben TV), if you like my video.. for there will be more costumes/ cosplay and other fun videos coming along! :D