Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Salcedo Saturday Market (At Makati, Manila)

I'm not your regular tourist when it comes to visiting Manila. Just like some of my other favourite cities, I have done quite a fair bit of touristy stuff..

So, on my recent trip there, I decided to try something different. Visiting the community market - Salcedo Saturday Market! Yes, seriously, I went to a market.. but hey, this is no ordinary market. Firstly, it is located in the Salcedo park right in the heart of the 'posh city' of Makati!

In my own words, this is more like an upmarket 'boutique market' - which caters to a niche crowd who are searching for unique homecooked food.

Below are some of the rather cool food which I noticed around the market. Oh if only, I could really... just eat them all!

Who says we can't sell crabs at the stall? 

Dessert packed so nicely, and inside so yummy!

How to miss this Filipino favourite? 

This was the best food we found there. 
This was a hotseller.. though I was too full to try. 

Size.. matters

As the market isn't that big (it's just a square size), it was pretty fast to cover it - well, apart from the various stops at the stalls. 

And after buying all the food, me and friends unpacked them, sat on the table provided... and well, indulged in some good Filipino food!

Filipino buddy who brought me to the market. 

*PS: Bring an umbrella, as it can get hot - or like in our case, a sudden pour of rain!

*Location: Tordesillas St., Salcedo VillageMakati, LuzonPhilippines

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