Thursday, July 22, 2010

Remember These Cartoons?

Was just going through some cartoons I've watched as a kid.. and the more I looked around, the more I found. Here are some, which I'm sure some of you can remember.

1. Flinstones

Remember their car? Well, this is the 'uber modern' one already. I like the one where they use their feet as wheels! Haha

2. Road Runner

road runner
Never really been a fan of this otherwise silent cartoon except for the more often than not beep beep! But still, I remember watching this over & over again when super young! (how hard is it to catch a bird? haha!!!)

3. Woody Wood Pecker

woody wood pecker
Talking bout bird characters.. remember the other bird. Yeah, this bird that always seems to get its way with its hillarious laugh. Did any of u try to imitate that laugh before? Well, I did! Aha hahaha. ahaha ha.. hahahaha...!

4. Garfield

garfield odie
From birds to cats.. and there's no forgetting one of the most popular cats around.. plus his dog buddy, Odie. How can one cat be just so lazy, with a care-less, somewhat annoying attitude? Now, that's cool...!

5. Heathcliff

And at one time, while there was Garfield, I remember too the other orange cat.. less lazy, but a smart alec and comes with a group of other cats. Though they don't eat lagsana every other time, but spend more time in the garbage area, but still... this is one cool cat too.

6. Felix The Cat

felix the cat
I can't remember much for this black cat.. hardly watched its cartoons. But thought I'll still give it a mention here - together with its other cat characters.

7. Tom & Jerry

tom & jerry
More cats on the way.. this time round, the cat is the bad one, while the mouse is the cool one instead! But just like some of the cartoon above, the bad enemy is just somewhat a lil too silly. What's cool though - that smirk that Jerry always have.

8. Inspector Gadget

inspector gadget
I can't recall all the gadgets this inspector has.. but I'll always remember the funny song.. ta da da da da. inspector gadget.. ta da da da da,,! (remember?)

9. Scooby Doo

scooby doo
Another cartoon which theme song is quite memorable...! I'd say this cartoon is quite nice on how they 'solve' the haunted houses though their process is not very smart!
Scooby, where are you?

10. Popeye

Now which is your favourite character here? Is it the spinach eating Popeye or tall & flimsy Olive? Or is it the hamburger man? (were the hamburgers he eat vegetables one btw?).

11. Smurfs

While everyone were going ga ga over the blue characters in Avatar, but hey, it ain't all new.. Smurfs have been around for a long time, living in their own world singing la la songs eh? And who can ever forget... the only girl Smurf there Smurfette. LOL!

12. Gummy Bears

gummy bears
We then have jumping bears who gets their might from their gummy beary juice. This cartoon is more engaging (to me), as it has more family bonding and at the same time still very cool with its hideaway tree. Still remember they have to pass through a tunnel underground to get out.

13. He-Man

The names in this cartoon is unique. Yeah, first is He-Man's name himself. No super or anything but simply he.. man. Then there's the evil Skeletor who lives in the Grayskull (yeah, it ain't blue)... and He-Man has a scaredy cat Cringer that can turn into the green & fierce Battle Cat. Put them together, and this is quite an enjoyable cartoon.

14. Alvin & The Chipmunks

alvin & the chipmunks
The talking & singing chipmunks... so mischievous yet still always getting their way. Always remember their theme song... plus the yelling that comes from their caretaker Dave: "Allllllllvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn......!"

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

teenage mutant ninja turtles
We always think that turtles are slow.. but this 4 turtles with matching eye-bands and names make it otherwise. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello & Raphael are pretty cool with their ninja stunts & even their weapons.

16. Voltron

With more Asian looks characters, this cartoon was interesting because the main characters controlled their lions... and which can then combine together and become one big superobot! Really, who would have thought of that! And we thought it's only now we see cool stuff!

17. Captain Planet & The Planeteers

captain planet
Think this is one of the few cartoons that talk about the environment directly. What's cool about this - how each character represent the 5 different elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & Heart (Instinct). Again, they can only work well when their 'forces are combined', which then mister Captain Planet then appears.

Now, here comes my favourite 2 cartoon series of all time.. and they both start with T.

18. Transformers

A little similar to Voltron in tranformable robots, but the difference here - these robots don't need to be controlled by anoyone. ie they are alive robots. The many different transformations of the vehicles, plus their battle scenes were just amazing!

19. Thundercats

Looks like cats still rule the cartoon series world.. Here again, we get a bunch of different characters, each with their own unique characteristics, strengths (and weakness) & not to mention weapons (remember Lion-O's sword? haha)... and the cats work best when united (after the calling of the Hooooooooo!, that is).

Another thing that makes this unique is that the character come from all different kind of cats - from lion (Lion-O) to cheetah (Cheetara), panther (Panthro), tiger (Tygra), WilyKit and WilyKat (wild cats?) and Snarf (the domestic cat?). There were also 3 new characters introduced at a later stage - Pumyra, Chilla, Jagara. Talking bout cats - even their 'home' was made to look like a cat, called the Cat's Lair!

Well, there u have it.. some of the many cartoon series I've watched over the years.. how about you? What's in your list? :))


  1. Oh my, childhood memories! Although there are some which I didn't watch before. Hahahaa.

  2. OMG, I watched and love all the above cartoons too! ^^ feels so good to remember all those educational cartoons again. XD

    In my opinion, I think yester years cartoons are much more educational and beneficial as compared to the cartoons now. And I sure hope my children will be able to watch all those cartoons via DVDs or CDs if they have. ;)

    Call me traditonal but I still think they're the best! Hey, I still remember the lyrics to some of the cartoons too. ^^

    *Captain Planet, he's the hero...gonna take down to zero.
    *Thunder Cats, roar!!! lols

    Haha..I'm so childish. XP Thanks for sharing this info with the generation now. :)

  3. I love Thundercats!! And Scooby Doo - absolutely love this cartoon with ghost stories every episode!

    Eh, you changed your blog's template? Where did little QuaChee - the small little boy went? I want him back!!!

  4. gudness!! i watched them n actually still watching them NOW!! :p

  5. Oh goodness, quachee it's like u plucked them right out of my brain back in the wat... 80's or 90's?

  6. Of course bro. I remember every single one of them. :D

  7. Vinnie~you forgot Silverhawks!! Hehe :)

  8. Wow... those are my childhood cartoons too. I used to watch My Little Pony, Care Bears, Maya the Bee and Telitubbies :)

  9. @day-dreamer
    which are new to u? :)

    oh yea, love em songs!!! btw hmm, have u watched any new cartoons before? there might be some cool ones im sure, no? :)

    u & yr ghost stories!
    btw ya, removed that... u like that? hmm, i shld put it somewhere then?

    which one u still watching now?

    mainly 80s i think :)

    high 5 there!!! :)

    oh ya silver... hawks! hehe. u remember that heh. that must be one of yr fav then? :)

    a cartoon fan too heh..! high 5!!! :)))


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