Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tools For The Law Of Attraction

Been doing some good reading with @MichaelLosier 's book - The Law Of Attraction.

Recently with so much happenings of late, I just thought that I needed something to read - well not just something, but something good.. something I thought will need to set me back on track. And just like the Law Of Attraction, I went to my rack, and there on my rack - the new & yet to be read book, with its pages waiting to be flipped.

I particularly liked the section which is More Tools To Help You Allow. For simplicity sake, I'll just share this as the Tools For The Law Of Attraction:
1. Celebrate the proof (evidence)
Celebrating proof creates excitement in our lives.. and we then receive much more good things.

2. Record your proof of The Law Of Attraction
More proofs - because we need them, just like the saying "Seeing is believing".

3. Appreciation & Gratitude
This is important to send out positive vibrations.

4. Use the expression "I'm in the process of..."
We may not agree that we always have, but we can agree that we are in the process of having, right? Try this "I have a lot of money" vs "I'm in the process of having a lot of money" :)

5. Use the expression "I've decided..."
By deciding, it gives us positive vibrations.

6. Use the expression "Lots can happen..."
Do u agree that we sometimes think that some companies/ people can just transform within a short period of time - sometimes months or even weeks?

7. Ask for information
We may not have all answers all the time, so let's ask for information to pop up into our lives - eg when reading the newspapers, when attending events, when watching TV, etc.

8. Make yourself an attraction box
Similar to creating a collage of your dreams.. using pictures. Attract things that you want by putting them into a box (or paste them on your collage/ wall).

9. Create a void or a vaccum
Notice each time we buy a new rack, it gets filled up? Do the same for your life - on where you want something to be filled... eg create new space for new files or label the empty files (eg for biz).

10. Allow the Law Of Attraction to figure it out.
Relating to no. 7, sometimes, we just got to 'believe'.. we may not know how things work, but let it just happen.. (and acting on it when it does)!

I hope this summary helps u, someway or rather... and let's just continue to inspire one another to live a happy & fulfilled life :)

*I initially thought that the book The Law Of Attraction is just another book jumping in with the success of The Secret, hence the reason for me delaying the reading. Now that I've read it, I think this can be a compliment to it.

*For those keen on his book, you can get it for 10% off at non other than at:


  1. Since you kinda recommend it bro I might just try and grab one. :D

  2. I read and believe in the law of attraction too. It's a good philosophy @ way of life. ;)

  3. i had this book too, in my early years as a salesperson. teaching me to understand, why some sales are successful n some not. i used to hate it wen my mentor always said to me 'ann, its all in the mind' grr but now i geddit hehe n taruh it on my team lol

    xoxo ann elle

  4. Just want i'm looking for.. Might as well create a link to this post.. Great Post!

    Mind Frames and Thoughts

  5. yeah the law of attraction... nice summary :) will try to apply it on my research here in brazil :p

  6. Great summary, QC. Indeed, the Law of Attraction truly works.

    Trust things are going great for you.

  7. "I'm in the process of..."
    This is where most people fall short i think. Its difficult to believe that you are a millionaire when you know you are not. If you think along the lines of "i'm becoming a millionaire" its much more powerful.

  8. Gratitude and appreciation was the missing link for me, when i started being greatful about the things currently in my life I started to see greater results.


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