Monday, July 19, 2010

I Talk Cheap Cheap... Whoa Whow Whoaaaa...!

Ok, I've mentioned before about calling overseas using the iTalkWhoa (read: I Talk.. Whoa!).

i talk whoa

Now, I've got some good news. The rates are now cheaper than ever, starting at 7 sen only to some major destinations (eg Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Australia).

Some of you will surely perk up for this, eh? Especially those with biz in these countries, or have relatives residing here.

For those who don't deal much overseas calls, fret not. As is online based, the call is fixed from wherever u call. Meaning if you happen to be touring in mega China, it's still the same rate to call from there to any China no. Now, this comes in handy for the traveler :)

Sincerely, one of the better things that has popped up in Malaysia since... Proton Saga? (ok, that's an exaggeration. haha).

*The promotion for these rates is from 15th July till 31st Dec 2010.

*Btw, here are the call rates, just in case.

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