Friday, July 09, 2010

Burger..? Alamak, Terlupa..

U have been craving for Ramly burger the past 3 days & 3 nights already.. and finally, you are free to stop by at that burger stall just outside 7 Eleven today.

"Ahhh finally... burger Ramly, here I come" u say softly to yourself. "This is gonna be my lucky day".

"Pakcik, burger satu" you tells the pak cik who has just started to open his stall 5 minutes ago.

You start dreaming & fantasizing of how yummy the burger will be when you are snapped out from your dream only to get one of these responses:

"Hari ni, takde tisu ya... hari tu I check ada dalam kotak... tapi... tak pe eh?"


"Hari ni, timun takde, pakai salad je ok? Rasa pun tak banyak beza sebenarnya.. kasi hiasan je"


"Hari ni, takde daging ayam, daging lembu ok? Lupa pulak nak beli daging ayam".


"Alamak.. lupa nak bawak roti burger lah.. u tunggu kejap boleh? Pak cik pegi kedai belikan roti... Tak lama, lebih kurang 30 minit, u datanglah balik, burger siap nanti"

Huh? What am I saying right? Ni lah kes kaki lupa.. in the end, your burger night out turns out imperfect.

*I'm writing this in a fun style (and not angry way, though I'm serious about this) to emphasis the importance of remembering things.. this post is specially dedicated to the kaki lupa...
Finally, 'ingat ingat itu remember, jangan lupa itu don't forget'.


  1. OMG ! am LOL-ing here!! hahahaha!!

  2. well, funny topic :) if you take it seriously, you wont lupa one lah!

    just like most of the people ask for my english name *easy to ingat konon-nya*, i tell them i dont have, just call my given name or nickname... lucky nearly 95% of them remember my name... lol

  3. Ahaha...what a humourous post! Luckily I didn't encounter such situations before - it sure is potong stim. XP

    Hmm...I miss Ramly Burger too. Time to get a burger ayam special with fries to satisfy my craving tonight. ^^

  4. LOL..... u didnt ask the pak cik back? pak cik, u hali ni ala lupa bawa lu punya otak ka? hahaha....

    go for a better professional burger seller la! :D

  5. lol.. i was lost in a moment fantasizing on Ramlee... I mean the burger! :P


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