Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Name The New Emall & Win 1 Pair Of GSC Movie Vouchers

Heya all..

I guess you can say Im quite a contest junkie heh.. haha. Apart from the other contest that my company is currently running ( Win 15 COOL Malaysian Books), here's another which I'd like you to participate.

I'd like to create a new emall (online mall) and need a name for it. And I'm opening it up to you to help me name it.

U can give any name that u think is suitable.. and the name that is picked (or the closest name to the emall name eventually) will win this pair of GSC Movie Passes!

gsc movie voucher

*To enter, simply leave yr entry as a comment below in this blog.

Some notes (u might want to read this):
1. About the emall:
i. It is more like a huge area rather than a mall per say.
ii. The product range are anything from everyday products to luxury lifestyle, unique items.. even vouchers for services.
iii. The mall aims to be a place that is both real & dreamy/ fantasy.. a happy land.

2. Names that I've came up with (hence, pls don't reuse these, though u can make a variation of it):
ii. (comes from the words 王俯 or 旺俯)

Alright, that's all.. hope to hear from you guys & girls! Thank you!

*There is no specific timeline for this... but I'll open this contest for at least until 8 August 2010.


  1. wow this is gonna be tough.. im bad in guessing.. haha..

    hmm... lols..

  2. Haha :D Can?

  3. unites us all.. We cook in a pot.. Pot in BM is 'periuk'.. English is 'pot'.. Mandarin is 'wo'.. And 'money' is what we all are after... Maybe I can come up with a name using the combination of words above... ^^ Let me think about it 1st and I'll tell you the final name later, okay? XD

  4. Furthermore, the 'pot' is where all the different ingredients from all over the place / world are united and form something delicious and satisfying for all of us somehow matches the details about your emall...get what I mean? *Brainstorming* Argh!!! XD

  5. ooo...i love naming things..

    here's several suggestions derives from the word mall and utopia...utopia means a land where everything is perfect. i guess it fits your definition of the blog. actually i uses this name for one of my uni's project last time which i really like. pronounce like nu-blake..derives from the term "new black"...means trendy and fashionable, like it's the most "in" things you can get from your mall and so on?

    i'll come back if i have any new ideas...XD


    How it derives:
    1. splurge + planet
    2. splurge + plan (means 'plan' ur spending) + net (as in internet)
    3. splurge + E (electronic, since it is an E-Mall) + planet
    4. splurge + E (electronic) + plan (plan spending) + net (internet)

    Overall it reflects a place to splurge, while being carefully planned, and it is in electronic form running over the internet.

    btw, utopia is my blog name...

  7. taken by john cheng lar ;p lol

    all da best!

    xoxo ann elle

  8. last ones ^^v

    xoxo ann

  9. thanks for the suggestions friends! :)

    btw for those comments which ive yet to approve, its becos im evaluating them a bit closer - yes, these maybe the winning names! :))

  10. Alright QuaChee, I came out with these possible names for your new emall after I've done some serious brainstorming, research and read the Oxford Advance Learner's Dictionary. *I'm serious* XP

    But before that, do read the explanations below first to get a rough idea of what I'm about to present to you later. ;)

    # Marque (pronounced as 'mak') -> a well known make of a product that's expensive and fashionable.

    # Marquee (pronounced as 'maki') has 2 meanings :
    a) noun --> a large tent commonly used at social events, often with a sign/signboard above it)

    b) adjective --> most important / popular

    #QC or qc --> the initials of your nickname, as in^^ which refers to your ownership / founder of a certain company that makes it uniquely yours @ your identity^^

    Got it? Do you understand the meaning(s) of those words above? ^^ With that in mind, here are the possible names for your new emall :


    1.a) or
    (pronounced as '')

    1.b) e-marQC or
    (pronounced as '')

    1.c) or
    (pronounced as '')

    (pronounced as '')

    (pronounced as '')

    2.c) or
    (pronounced as '')

    NOTE : Of all the 6 entries, I think the best name that suits your emall is : or
    (pronounced as '' with highlight to your initials - QC^^)

    The reason : I picked this name because the word 'marquee' @ 'maki' (noun) means a large tent commonly used at social events, often with a sign/signboard above it that signifies your new emall concept with your branding (QuaChee @ QC)that serves as a shopping hub where all things can be found under one roof = like under an enormous tent = a marquee. ;D

    The other meaning of the word 'marquee' @ 'maki' as an adjective means 'most important or popular'. ;D

    So, naming your new emall as @ suits your concept, vision, mission and objective of your new emall. ^^

    In a nut shell, or means or it will mean eventually if you believe in it^^ --> 'a popular and most important emall of the century that sells everything and anything under the sun under one roof / tent / shopping hub!' *Think of Aladdin's tent / lamp~ Haha! XP

    Other variations of it can be : or^^

    Besides using the words 'marque' and 'marquee', other names that I came out with are :

    a) @ belacan (shrimp paste^^)
    b) @ cooking wok^^

    I think both are more suitable for food related industries. never know in case you might venture in it in the future, right? XP

    That's all I have to say / present to you. ^^ I sure hope you would understand it / what I'm trying to say / convey. XP

    I know my post / comment is super long but hey, I wanna make sure you'll understand it and have a clear idea of my concept / name for your new emall.

    It's okay if I don't win it or wasn't picked because I entered it for the experience besides trying to help you name your new emall sincerly. No payments whatsoever required. lols ;)

    Well, thanks for reading through my post and do have a beautiful day~ I wish you all the best in your career and new emall~ ^^ Gambateh ya! XD

    In case you're wondering, yes, I haven't sleep yet at the time I posted this in the wee hours of the morning because this idea suddenly struck my head and I gotta tell you before I forget. lols XP Alright, do take care. Bye (^_^)v ~XOXO~

  11. hey khakis

    many thanks for all the ideas. after much thought, id like to announce the winner.. !

    hooray to eric lee! thanks for telling me what utopia means haha! and nice way to put it with m! can you email me yr add so i can pass u the vouchers? :)

    for the rest, really thanks for joining. really appreciate all yr ideas.. some of which were really good!! (which made me lagi headache haha!!) :))


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