Monday, June 24, 2013

The Incredible Hulk And Being Awesome!

The Incredible Hulk.

I've known this character since I was a kid. But while I have always loved Superheroes, however the Incredible Hulk, while admired... isn't really in my top 3 Superhero list (Batman, Iron Man and Superman are). 

But then, why am I talking about it here then?

Well, firstly, I got myself this bulky-green plushie recently. I know it does seems contradictory since that I've just mentioned that it's not one of my favourite Superheroes... But well, it's still a Superhero - and I do really like the Superheroes lots!

Plus, this plushie does look really cute! In fact, I think that this Incredible Hulk plushie is one of the nicer/ cutest Superhero plushies around!!

For Superheroes in all machoness don't really fit into being plushies.. they are usually just too stiff. And if the manufacturers make them cartoony, they usually look kinda funny - too soft for a Superhero and usually different from their actual characters.

And that's probably why I haven't gotten any Superhero plushie before.. (not even Batman!).  So, well.. this Incredible Hulk is my 1st! I guess the fierce face kinda evens out its cuteness in it :)

But wait, there's more to the Incredible Hulk that I wanna share. On the same week I got this, I also viewed a video by Tim Ferris talking about being like the Incredible Hulk - which to him, is not so much the size, but instead being able to learn anything and everything (being Incredible!).

Now, Tim Ferris is quite a wonder. A best selling author of a few books (best known for The 4 Hour Work Week), and as I found out from the video, knows many languages and other skills. He does all these cos he learns that everything has key points and strategies.

I must say that this video nailed it for me. What I get from this video is that we can succeed in whatever we want to.. if only we know what are the important things to succeed in them. For in the end, it's not about being "efficient" but "effective". And that's one huge thing I learn!

For those of you wanting to know more, here's his video below.

Oh and to end this post, here's a "quote" I found! Yes, be! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free Phone (By S CSL)

Free phone.

Do you believe that there is such stuff out there? And to boot, a smartphone too.

Well as hard it is to believe, but it’s true.

And that’s what I found out at the recent Switch STAR NEO Mi363 Launch by S CSL (at Royale Chulan Hotel).

Now, I’m not new to S CSL phones having reviewed their previous model here. And I’ve been pretty impressed so far.

The Switch STAR NEO Mi363 is a rather basic smartphone but like most of their models, this is pretty good enough. Especially when their target market is the entry level for the youth market (ie those who are switching from err.. “dinosaur” phones to smartphones).

This new model specs include 3.5” HVGA Capacitive Touch Panel with 2.0MP camera, and runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. With Android as its base, well.. that pretty covers much of it.

Now, the big quesiton is “How to get this S CSL phone for free?”. Here’s how, and this is really simple:

1. Sign up under the Pakej Komunikasi Belia Scheme (which offers RM200 rebate to 1.5 million youths around 21-30 years old. Well yeah, okay, you got to be in this age group to qualify).
2. Get the voucher and bring it to the respective dealers. S CSL offers another RM150 rebate.

So that means a total of RM350 rebate is given to the RM349 priced phone. Ie. it’s FREE!

A steal this is, don’t you think? I would grab this too if I was a lil younger (and use it as a 2nd phone myself!).

Okay, so I can’t. But well, you can (if you meet the age group requirement). Otherwise, if you have siblings, cousins or friends in this age group.. well, nudge them to get the phones. After all, it doesn’t cost a sen :)

*Amongst the outlets carrying the S CSL Switch STAR NEO Mi363 includes Tesco Hypermarts, AEON BIG and S Alliance stores (check full list here: S CSL Outlets).

*To make this more special their mobile operator partner - Tune Talk, is giving away 300MB data, 30 sms, and 30 minutes of calls worth RM20 to subscribers for the 1st month upon activation.

Memorables and memories of the event :)

PS: The launch was quite fun, meeting the team behind the phone, watching some performances and interacting with fellow bloggers!

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Moving House Experience

Moving house.

Some find it a big hassle. I admit, I do too.

In fact, more than just a hassle, but it can be a nightmare!

"Welcome to my new home" (beams)

But, you ask me why am I smiling here? No, it's not because I bought a new place (I'm still renting. Talk about "Barang Naik" and the middle income trap! Grrrr). 

But well.. this is a nice place - probably the best I've stayed so far. And this moving house experience has been pretty smooth too (well the smoothest at least). The whole process from viewing to first day of  moving in was a mere 4 days!!

In fact, it took me just 1 day to confirm the place I wanted to view. Okay, here's the thing.. I know the area I wanted to stay, and thought of a particular condo that was within the budget range. Interestingly, I forgot the name, and made appointments to view 3 different homes at the condo next door!

But as it turned out, it was a way nicer condo with nicer units.. and at the same price!! And so after 3 viewings, I knew what I wanted. Here's my Golden Rule (which maybe useful for some of you):

If you enter a home and you get a good feeling - then that's the one! 

Yes, it's simple as that. Many factors play a role.. like how bright it is or the shape of the unit (eg does it have perfect squares or not). But at the end of it, it's gut feel.

I got a "Bear" bed!! :)

My bedsheet.. Man Of Steel, which I slept on the very first day of the Premiere of the movie. What coincidence!

Next, was getting a new bed. And that too came pretty easy for me. I chose this bed - a Super Single on the top with a pull over Single below. Well, I believe that the Super Single can fit more than 1 (ehem.. ehem).

As much as I'd like to think I've gained muscle strength lately, but I think these call for  "superpowers". 

Next came the old stuff from my old place. Packing the stuff was pretty quick. Cos I left most of the boxes unopened from my last house moving. Hence my job was more of compiling the boxes and getting the movers to well... move them. 

I called a few movers from online search but I ended up getting one that was recommended by the agent as it was way cheaper than the most of the others. The movers were RM280 compared to RM600, some even quoting RM1200 - and I don't even have big stuff except 1 dining table and 1 piano!

But why did I take this as compared to the RM220 one - again, gut feel as my dining table was glass and I wanted a more "professional mover".

But while the movers were carrying the major stuff, I did carry some too. The most precious of them all - and which got front seats.. is this Panda!

First time getting items delivered from Ikea. Yeah, enough of trying to figure out which screw goes where!

Actually that would probably do for the house moving. And me settling in. But wanting to make this place a lil more comfortable (I'd probably stay here for a minimum 2 years), hence I bought a few more stuff - some display sets and a long wall mirror from Ikea, some new curtains, a powerful fan, and yes.. bean bags!!

All these items will be coming in stages for the next few weeks. 

Oh boy, am I proud of my display set! Haha!!

In the meantime, let me enjoy the home as it is.. :)

Oh, I love this long mirror! Expect more camwhore photos to follow!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Love (Receiving) Parcels


I love receiving them. In fact, well to put it more right.. I love receiving presents sent in a box - and delivered to the home.

And I must say it has been quite a while since I've received them. Those were the times when I had pen pals (yes exchanging real physical letters and at times, gifts to friends).

Well, with everything digital nowadays the pen pal era is gone (I wonder how many know this term today?).

Anyway, guess what, the sending of gifts is still on! For recently, 2 of my online buddies requested my address.

Now, while I'm somewhat publicly online but I'm also private. Initially I got a lil suspicious when they asked for my address.

But when they mentioned they wanna send some gifts - I relented. Who doesn't want to receive gifts?!!

Doing the Moon (from Line) face. That's what happens when we copy the stickers! (instead of the other way round) Haha!

The 1st parcel took ages to arrive. And I thought that the parcel is lost. But after bout nearly 3 weeks, I received a notice to collect my parcel from the post office.

I was excited. For I knew what was in it. And it was this.. a Batman tee!!

My friend know how much I love collecting everything Batman and gave me one! How thoughtful :)

Then just a few days after, another friend requested for my address too. Says to pass me some instant drinks.

As a non coffee drinker, I requested for non coffee products (I know, get free gifts yet wanna request huh... hehe).

And this came very fast as it was couriered! Yes, I received the instant mixes the very next day!

I've yet to drink them yet though, as I'm busying myself with moving my house this week.

But rest assured if they are nice, I'll blog about them.

Oh, I wonder if there's more parcels to come? Let Christmas be eveydayyyyy :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Yangon


I find them very important in any holiday.

And I do like boutique hotels most - as they are usually good on budget and yet with a personal touch.

However in Myanmar, boutique hotels are rare (as of now). There's like 2 class of hotels in Myanmar - the luxurious ones or the more "budget" aka 2-3 star ones.

Usually I don't mind even those 2-3 stars, but the reviews online for the hotels havent' been positive. Usually there's a few good reviews, then comes comments like "but the room smell".. OMG.

So, going for a safer bet, I chose one of the better hotels around. And that means having to splurge.

Well, the hotel is Kandawgyi Palace Hotel - a hotel name I can hardly remember (all I know it sounds closer to Gwiyomi). Haha!

This resort like hotel is beside the Kandawgyi Lake hence the name. Being beside the lake has its perks. For one, it has the beautiful lake as its view.

The lake during sunset with the Shwedagon Pagoda view. 
And knowing that, this hotel makes full use of the lake. The pool is beside it, and they also created a patio just to chill by the lake.

The only setback of the pool (and this hotel) is that the pool pump wasn't working during my trip and the workers were seen cleaning the pool. Hence, the water wasn't as clean as it should be. And that in a way spoilt the additional swims I had wanted to take. 

More about the hotel - I love the buffet breakfast. It did live up to "international" standard of delicious local and international food. It is one of those breakfasts that I did look forward to having (yes that means waking up "early" for breakfast). 

Now, of course, I need to mention about the room too. It is nice, comfy and cosy. As this hotel serves like a resort, it does have some resort feel to it (and not so business like).

Oh btw, I must also say that they have a small lil garden in this hotel, which I took a tour. And I found this beautiful flower :)

*This hotel apparently serves dignitaries as well... like for example (and if I'm not wrong) the Japan PM - who was there during my stay. Wowwwwwwww XD

Kan Yeik Tha Road
Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township

Tel: (951) 394646, 382912

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bogyoke Market


We Asian tourists love that a lot. I do too.

But more than just buying stuff.. to me, every city's economy can be seen from it's commerce ie shopping (omg, heavy words heh). And being keen on Myanmar's economy, I asked around on where should I go for shopping.

Interestingly, it's not the malls but this Bogyoke Market (pronounced as boh-joke) that is top on the list.

What do one expect in a market? Well, not live fresh food but a few buildings with lots of shops selling a variety of souvenir (and local) related products. 

There are rows of shops at the pathways (ala street shopping) and also in the very middle of it all is a big hall like area with dozens of shops. Amongst them currency exchange, loads of souvenirs, jewelry and the rest... I can't remember haha!

The only thing I got from this hall was actually some decently priced (or should I say cheap?) hand painted postcards :)

There's even food sellers selling by the corridor selling rather delicious local cakes. When I was here, just after buying my cakes.. the seller was in a hurry to carry his cakes off, having been given a signal that the authorities were coming!!

On one more side of the market is a few shops selling fresh fruits and juices. I bought some of the sweetest mangoes ever here (yes, Myanmar is famous for their mangoes!!). 

I also bought a very rich avocado juice.. with its fruits some not completely blended giving it a very cafe like served drink. 

Talking bout the "food" experience, I also tried the betel leaf. Having seen so many of the locals chewing on this leaf, I was also tempted to try it out. I know I'm not to swallow it, but even the taste tasted weird for me.. and threw it out just after a few chews!

I probably spent about an hour plus in the market. But before I left, I went upstairs, and got myself a longyi. Again, the 'adventurous' me wanted to try wearing the longyi (aka sarung) just to walk on the streets of Yangon!

Besides, what a pretty lil seller..! It was only after purchasing that I realised that the longyis were a lil pricey - for after all they are imported from either Indonesia or Malaysia!

Oh, my last thing from the market... is just to try out the Thanaka powder, which is usually applied by the local girls (and to a lesser extent the guys too). 

Being all touristy, and in a foreign land, I tried it on too!

This is me with the Thanaka powder! Cute? XD

Okay, more Thanaka powder and me camwhore shot. 
After leaving the market, I crossed the street into more rows of "street shopping" (or more like window shopping for me).

Fried garlic, Myanmar style
I asked around for a pratha shop having had one the day before and got my fix!

That was my Bogyoke Market journey (and a lil bit more) before really heading to an air conditioned mall thereafter.. but well, that's a different story.