Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Makes A Beautiful Resort?

Beyond the popular long stretch of Patong beach, Phuket, its rows after rows of shops & the many crowds, lies many more beaches - from Kamala to Karon and the more exclusive Surin beach. This is the beach that houses most of the highest end resorts on the island.

Just like anywhere else, these more exclusive beaches usually houses the best resorts of the island.

Must See
So, while I was in Phuket, I had made an attempt to view this area and one of its resorts. Our first attempt to this more exclusive beach area got us rather lost. But with the free handy map provided, we tried again the following day... I just had to see what makes a resort special,visiting one of the resorts there.

So, what makes a resort special?

1. Wooden warm reception
From the reception, it is similar to those holiday resorts with high rise pillars, windy and a stunning view of the sea. It immediately gives one a island-resort feel.

2. Stunning seaview - even at the restaurant

When dining, the food should be a mix of Western & 'tamer' local food (eg. that is not too spicy or too strong in spices). And apart from food, the view has to be fantastic - as it's not all about food, but food with a view!

surin beach, resort, phuket - view from restaurant
View from our table - see while we eat!

surin beach, resort, phuket - view from the bar
View of the bar

3. Beautiful beach & secluded
Talk about the beach, and one is brought into a postcard view. The sand should be fine and not rough.

This is most likely one of the top reasons why people flock to such high-end resorts, and why these types of resorts grow like mushrooms.

surin beach, resort, phuket - the beach chairs
The private beach away from the noise & crowd

surin beach, resort, phuket - the rocks by the sea
Somehow, these secluded beaches are usually rocky - but yet it gives great views

surin beach, resort, phuket - the wood
The wood that is left untouched - like a decoration to the view

surin beach, resort, phuket - snails
The snails making it their home

4. Spa
And like any high end resort, a spa is always a must. And these spas usually must come with a lil walkway - something grand in a way, bringing the customers a walk through nature before the relaxing massage.

surin beach, resort, phuket - walkway to the spa
A walkway into the spa

5. Go local creatively!
Sometimes making use of the local products/ handicrafts in another form, rather than what it was intended so. These local handicrafts give that local atmosphere - and usually some guests won't even know the difference!

surin beach, resort, phuket - spa
The mortar used as a vase

We actually had local lunch here while waiting for the rain to stop and had a tour of the resort. It did remind me of the other resorts housed in the exclusive beaches of other islands... they look kinda similar, and I guess that is because they seem to have a certain formula that is working.

Won't it be nice to own one? :)


  1. Ah, I have yet to visit Phuket and I do like the pictures you post here.

    I think what makes a beautiful resort is not only what's outside, but also what's inside.

    Just a thought to share :)

  2. jeles lah seeing u enjoying yrself :)

  3. Wah!!! Quachee, looks like you are having a great deal of fun in phuket :) Hmm... looks like I can consider phuket as my next holiday destination as I have not been there before.

  4. Thats 1 nice resort la. Bet you have a great vacation there hehe

  5. Hi, no time to read your blog but the pics are good, makes me want to go holiday lah! Will come back to read when I find the time! : )

  6. wao..recently writting a lot of thai-style posts wor~ good la like that, exploring to other country rather than always sticking to malaysia staffs~ haha~

    nice post and nice photos!

  7. hey wilfrid

    thanks for the photo compliments :)

    oh ya, u mean the rooms as well right? totally agree with that too. and also the staffs should be attentive & preferably friendly - that would make a dream holiday especially for those who just stay in the resorts haha :)

  8. hey bengbeng

    dont jealous - u also can go for holiday :) but really, it was a very memorable trip, though at first i thought it wouldnt be haha

  9. heya stormwhistle

    yes, go ahead and make phuket a visit. afterall its pretty near and there's quite a lot to do apart from its beaches :)

  10. hi acura

    i didnt stay here - just popped by the resort. but, yes, i enjoyed this trip a lot :)

  11. hi foongpc

    for holiday destinations, pics tell a thousand words :)

  12. hi bb,

    ive always loved thailand - and have in fact done some biz there (they carry our first book in bangkok & also phuket) :)

    and i agree its nice to write a broader perspective - for the start more asian countries.. though i must also say, some niche bloggers who focus on msia are quite good & their posts interesting :)

    for me, my blog will encompass more & more of other countries as i learn more about them & visit them.. and maybe also when i do more biz deals too (thats the dream) :)

    anyway, to cut story short, just come back more often ya hehe

  13. wow u have visit lots of place "syiok"!
    I will be in patong, phuket next mth, ur posts has gave me some idea on place to visit.

    pls advice how much of thai bath would be enough for 3 days 2 nites expenses in phuket, exclude the accommodation fee? RM1.5K enough for 2 persons?

  14. heya amei79

    rm1500 for 2 is quite enough. for shows - there are 2 which will costs a fair bit bout rm200/ person in total. the rest is on food, shopping (which is a lil expensive, but quite unique fashion), and maybe if you want, car rental - about rm100/ day.

    btw there are cheap good hotels in patong beach which we found out - bout rm80/ night only. the beach resorts are about rm150 above.

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