Friday, June 13, 2008

Phuket Town

Think island holiday, one would imagine stretches of beaches - sea, sand, fun and the bars. And imagine Phuket, and Surin beach, Karon beach, Kata beach... and most of all Patong beach will come up. Or if not the beaches, then the food, the waterfalls, or the temples, even the Thai shows... but hardly Phuket town.

But skipping this would mean missing on quite a find - as the heritage town of Phuket is quite unique and definitely worth a visit.

The small town of Phuket is quite quiet as compared to all the other tourist places - even Patong seems more abuzz. But this is where one get to connect to the locals & see them in their everyday lives.

phuket town, thai town, thailand - roundabout
The roundabout - the roads have cars, but not abuzz

phuket town, thai town, thailand - tuk tuk bus
There's no tuk tuk around, but a bus/ lorry that looks similar to the tuk tuks

phuket town, thai town, thailand - tuk tuk public transport
In a way it looks like a public transport. Here, the sellers are uploading their goods after calling a day

It's Phuket, Alrite
Some commented that some parts of the town look like our country many many years ago. Looks similar rite, even in today's environment.

phuket town, thai town, thailand - coffee shop
The Coffeeshop

phuket town, thai town, thailand - chilli, spices
The big red dried chilli & other spices

phuket town, thai town, thailand - batil sarung
The many batiks - I've mentioned they wear a lot of sarungs. Looks quite similar to our colourful batik back home.

Chinese Influence
The town seems to be heavily influenced by the Chinese - first the unique temples around the town. Then, their shophouses - they really look so same same. There is quite a heavy Peranakan influence here.

phuket town, thai town, thailand - shophouse, old building
A lot of the shops are located in these type of building selling anything from batik to daily goods and other knick knacks.

Millionaire's Row
Further down, the road is less messy and more spacious. The houses are neater and also have fencing and are very well taken care. Reminds me like a Milionaire's Row.

phuket town, thai town, thailand - old heritage building
Further down, the richer and neater rows

phuket town, thai town, thailand - old peranakan building
See how neat & well taken care... and all fenced up.

phuket town, thai town, thailand - old peranakan door
Looks authentic - I can't tell the difference

phuket town, thai town, thailand - heritage book
A girl reading her book - that is how quiet this part of the town is

The atmosphere in the town is peaceful & quiet - kinda relaxing in a way. In a way, one who wants to find serenity can visit this town while in Phuket to get away from the hustle of fellow tourists and visitors.

And actually it's at this part of the Thai town too that we bought some Thai snacks & goodies. They were nice & locally made - maybe even Phuket made.

And that is coming up next, in my final 2 chapters (for the time being) on this holiday journey on fantasy island - Phuket! :)

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