Friday, June 06, 2008

Unique Temples

Apart from the already unique half buried Buddha at the Wat Phratong, we actually had the opportunity to see 2 other unique temples.

Temple built by the Queen: Wat Phranang Sang
This oldest temple in Phuket built in 1785 is located quite close to Wat Phratong, and on the way to the airport. The temple is located right on the main road, which from the outside seems to look rather ordinary.

But once in its compound, the Wat Phranang Sang comes in full glory and grandeur. Its carvings and all are intricate with gold, blue and red.

wat phranang sang temple, phuket

wat phranang sang temple building

First Interesting Item
Interestingly, I saw this carving of the dragon & phoneix.

wat phranang sang, dragon
The dragon & phoneix seems to be combined into 1

The surroundings is peaceful just like the many other temples in Phuket or Thailand. Not many people were around, making it rather quiet and tranquil.

Its surroundings going renovation

Second Interesting Item
And just before we left, we noticed something so familiar to Singapore - yes, the Merlion being right here in the middle of the temple in Phuket, Thailand!

wat phranang sang, merlion

The Next Surprise
Moving on, we also did venture into Phuket town. And one not familiar will be quite surprised, especially if we think temples in Thailand are similar in a way - which is having Thai architecture.

But, in the Phuket town, and in fact, along the roads, we've seen a few Chinese architecture temples - one of them the Jui Tui temple.

jui tui temple, phuket town, phuket

The temple looks and resemble the many temples of red and gold that we are more familiar with at the other parts of Asia.

jui tui temple, lantern, phuket

jui tui temple, phuket

Really, one may not realise that he/ she is in Phuket! :)

So, there you have it - a beautiful journey through temples which can only make a trip more interesting, especially these unique ones, which are very unexpected!

More to come: What other reasons that made us turnaround from so-so to falling in love with this dreamy Thai island of Phuket! And why Phuket is like home.

*The Jui Tui temple apparently is a centre of activities during the Vegetarian Festival.


  1. i love the the wats!! :) nice pictures!! :) i find that their chinese food in thailand is very authentic. people are actually suprise :)

  2. Photos nicely taken!
    Seems like you had a Great Holiday!!
    Enjoying your photos now.....:)

  3. hi dalicia. some of their food are quite similar heh. and ya, there's some chinese restaurants in bangkok - lovely food ! :)

  4. hi robo

    thanks for the photo compliments :)

    yes, it was a very nice holiday. ive always loved thailand haha - and phuket goes in the list too :)

  5. hey hey quachee. i just saw yer comments on my blog and i want to thank you for visiting my humble n simple blog. and the comments too. i found out that you have three different blogs and one of em is yer own dotcom. they r all great. especially this very entry on thailand - this photo of temple you took, i love it for its' composition. and i like that photos with you posing in them. it looks like they were taken in malacca. the very steps/staircase that you were sitting on attracted me for its cultural value. i had overlooked it when i was in malacca. i'll make sure i'll capture it next time.


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