Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Huan Ying Guang Lin - Welcome

The one phrase I hear the most in Taiwan is Huan Ying Guang Lin 欢迎光临 (Welcome). From capital city of Taipei to the other Taiwan cities like Tainan & Pingtung, this welcome greeting is mentioned in nearly every shop/ restaurant that I've been to.

If it's not that welcome phrase, they may replace it with Ni Hao (Good Day).

What A Pleasant Surprise
Being my first time here, the Taiwanese greeting is rather 'fresh' and truly welcoming, making one feel rather important. Especially so when welcome greetings back home are a lil harder to get by, what's more smiles (though yes, some outlets do practice it).

I'm not sure if it's genuine & sincere; or a smile & greet campaign initiated by the Taiwan government for the service sector; or an influence of the Japanese culture where they greet customers similarly when one enters their stores/ restaurants.

But so far, my experience is that it does seem real. I can feel their sincerity and it really makes one feel good. (A broad smile & sometimes grins with laughter, plus the sparkling eyes is rather genuine I'm sure :) ).

I really didn't expect this, as usually most greetings in other places seem more like service oriented greetings & smiles, which don't really come from the heart.

Maybe in a way, I'm swayed as a tourist on all things nice in Taiwan, which I admit, it may have an effect to me looking this positively on this beautiful island. But as I only am here for a few short days, I'll leave it as that - that the Taiwanese are a bunch of friendly & welcoming people.

And I say this not just based on the experience with the people in the service industry but also based on my experiences with some acquintances and their friends & families.

That's coming up next!


  1. Wah! quachee, how come you get to travel to so many places? It's free or what? Can't wait for your next posts on your Taiwan trip. I like your blog - have linked to my recommended blogs. Can include me in your blogroll?

  2. i don't have good impression about the taiwanese. taiwanese being friendly is really something *AHEM*

    well, i don't have a good impression of taiwan. china is a better place to visit.

  3. foongpc

    thanks u like my blog & enjoy the taiwan stories :) hehe

    no, they are not free btw - but there are ways to go on budget trips yet enjoy :)

  4. dalicia

    maybe u experienced something different when you were here. or some rude instances occurred which i agree can really ruin an impression on one country. i experience that in a country we know just so well - an yes in a tourist destination. till today, it leaves a negative impression.

    but for taiwan, i had such a good impression - maybe i was really open about this place, or didnt had high expectations on their friendliness, so their lil bit of gestures seemed a lot (though i like to think they were really friendly) :)

    on china, yes, i do love it as well. been to a few of their cities - and next time would like to visit more :)


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