Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friendly Taiwan

Apart from just the greeting of Huan Ying Guang Lin, I have had my fair share of friendly experience with the Taiwanese. Here are some of the friendly encounters:

1. Treat you like part of their family
We had the opportunity for a 'homestay' by a friend & her family in Pingtung. Throughout, the Taiwanese family & their friends made us feel very comfortable - treating us local meals by bringing us to the best restaurants in their city. They even went as far to treat us the best fruits as its the fruit season now. They made us feel so comfortable!

And during the karaoke sesssions, they were all out to share the mic & sing-a-long.

Of course, we maybe lucky to have a friend with a good friendly Taiwanese family and this may or may not be a true representation, though I think in some way it is.

2. They take time off to host
This is once again where I can feel the Taiwanese friendly culture - whereby they take time off their busy schedule to host. Again as these were friends of my friend, it could be that she has good friends who value her friendships.

These busy people really spent time & hosted us lots of lunches/ dinners, and not just one. At times, it was as if they too were on holiday.

3. They are accomodating
There are 2 instances where this is applied - first when we mentioned to the small shop owner that the food was a lil oily, and they replaced it immediately. Note: This shop is just a small shop (no air-con) only and the tables & chairs were in fact arranged outside the shop. The service was like 5 stars!

Another was at an open air restaurant also in Taipei where there were many mosquitos & a lil hot. And when we requested for a fan, the staff actually brought one - this really was unexpected. Firstly it was outdoor, and secondly, for them to really accomodate without any hesitation.

4. Photo OK
Another thing I realised is that though some are rather camera shy, but for the more tourist related areas, the people do not mind being photographed. They are usually ok with it even though we didn't buy anything from them.

They of course maybe rather accustomed to the many tourists especially the Japanese.

5. Taxi Drivers
The taxi drivers are relatively friendly as well especially once they know we are not local. These friendly taxi drivers usually share the best places to eat or best places to visit in Taipei & Taiwan, which they are quite proud of, mentioned in a very genuine & sincere manner.

6. Exchange/ Giving of Gifts
I'm not sure if this is considered friendly, but their culture of wanting to present us with gifts is really amazing! And even though some of the gifts are their own products (some of them are businessmen & businesswomen), but for them to present such items are still generous of them.

Some even went out of the way to get the best food (eg cakes) & fruits from Taiwan as presents to bring back home.

The short stay here has left a good impression of the Taiwanese Chinese culture & this is really good for the Taiwan tourism... as with such good impression, one will only wish to come back. Yes, it is that nice.

But of course, there's more to just the people in Taiwan, and that is coming up next! :)

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