Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dream House

Do you like having your own dreamhouse by the sea, or a beach house? Yes, to have your very own luxury dream house come true that faces the sea, and surrounded by lush greenery.

Well, if you do, sit back, and simply imagine this...

As you walk out of your bedroom of your dream house, you are welcomed with 3 bowl of flowers - 3 different arrangements of yellow, purple, white, & red flowers set in 3 different bowls of water. All exuding a certain scent of refreshment to greet you the morning sunrise.

dream house, flower

dream house, flower

bowl of flowers

You then sit on the rattan chair to get a read of the morning healines.

dream house, room view
View from your room while you are reading your papers

Then as you walk towards the pool for a morning dip, you will walk pass a pathway that is surrounded with lush greenery on your left & right.

dream house, pathway
Pathway to the pool

dream house, swimming pool
Dream infinity pool

The pool you swim is an infinity pool overlooking the beautiful deep blue seaview ahead.

dream house, seaview
View From The Cliff

And after the refreshing swim, you next head towards the half shaded dining area going through the gardens of flowers & greens for your hearty breakfast meal.

dream house garden

The view while having your breakfast - the stunning seaview once again.

Finally, after your meal and all, and you are ready to start your day... with a beautiful smile.

dream house, greeting, smile

This is really quite something to live in such luxury - of stunning views & so close to nature, yet not too distant from the buzz of a small town...

Well, actually these are snapshots of a seaside resort in dreamy-island, Phuket. And though this is a resort, but it is quite similar to the many beach villas available along the coastal shores of the Phuket island.

Many from all across the world have already made these type of island living come true, and many more will. If you are into resort style living, then, may I wish your dream house come true too :)

*Coming up, more on Phuket's beaches & other resort!


  1. Wow u makes me in dreamland for a while.
    Yes, I dream of a humble comfort home in Inverness, Scotland..looking over the Atlantic ocean.

  2. yeah...that will be nice :) so you got the thai smiles? :)

  3. hi steff

    wow, im sure it can come true :)

  4. hi dalicia,

    yes, i did eventually haha. some smiles just melt the heart - tho i didnt get it much at patong, but beyond it, the smiles were much more common :)

  5. Damn! You've just made the standard of my dream house a little bit higher - like up there in the sky - and push my retirement plan to 10 years later. :)


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