Thursday, June 12, 2008

Phuket Musical

In Phuket island, Thailand, one might wonder why are there so many night shows around - especially with the Fantasea already being the main highlight & a must-see for most visitors. but as cultural shows go, it could be a lil slow at times.

Hence, I guess, there's room for more shows & performances in Phuket. And yes, we did catch the other must-see show here on Phuket island as well.

This one is quite different - the music is upbeat and is like a glittering broadway musical with lots of synchronised dance. And this time round, it has a more international flavour performing Cantonese, Korean, English and Japanese songs - all these to suit the many visitors from the many countries.

From Chinese Opera, funny & witty Japanese dance and to the Korean's Areedang, this night performance just blows the audience away! There is also a mimic version of USA's Dream Girls, the songstress - Sally Yeh and a current Korean pop-love-song.

To further make this a night to remember with a jovial & free atmosphere, they also performed the Brazil's samba and the Egyptian dance. Truly, it was like watching the world's performance on stage in 1 night.

The stage and performances were well planned, and not much time for us to even blink an eye (ok, I mean drift away).

Talented They Are
And to make it more interesting, the whole show are mainly performed by the Thai ladyboys. Yes, this is the popular Phuket cabaret musical - Simon Cabaret.

The ladyboys (also known as kathoeys) didn't sing live, but more of a mimic the real singers. They did a good job, and one couldn't really tell weather they were really singing or not, but of course, we know better... (tell you in a bit). And their dance moves were quite good too.

What A Sight
So towards the end of the 'cabaret broadway show' and all the cabaret songs, we were treated to a face to face view with the ladyboys.

Here they stand in a row for photo taking. And these are some shots of how beautiful they actually look:

simon cabaret, phuket, thailand - ladyboy
Everyone rushing for a photo

simon cabaret, phuket, thailand - ladyboy
The ladyboys standing in a row

simon cabaret, phuket, thailand - ladyboy
The funny & humourous acting the part of the Japanese

Now Comes The Princesses
simon cabaret, phuket, thailand - ladyboy
All dressed up - these were their performance costumes

The Sweetest Of All
simon cabaret, phuket, thailand - ladyboy
Come, come, photo photo - see the ladyboy on the right - she could be Miss Thailand!

Expensive Photo
But before one takes photo, one should note that you have to pay 40baht per ladyboy. Ie if 2 ladyboys are in the picture, you pay 40 x 2 = 80baht.

Some may think even photos with celebrities are free! But maybe, just maybe, this is part of their income - and after all, they do live a hard live right?

Really, they didn't sing?
No, they didn't. After the snapshots, they were apparently rushing off for the next show (yes, they have 2 shows a night - that is how in demand they are!).

So, when one most likely Singaporean or Malaysian lady took a photo, didn't know that firstly she had to pay for photo taking. So, ladyboy says must pay.

"Huh? Like that one ar?"

She goes to take her monies from her friends.

Then as she gives, it's not enough because she took with not 1 but 2 of the princesses (yes, the photo above).

"Aiyo..." (that's how I know she's either Malaysian or Singaporean). She went back & she & her friends fumble to find another 40baht.

And then because of time constraint, and the ladyboys have to rush backstage, the 'princess ladyboy' can't wait longer, and spoke in all manly voice - in Mandarin about payment & be quick!

Wow, this princess was all petite and sweet, but when she spoke, it was quite different - not what you would expect of a dainty princess. And that concludes why they didn't sing :)

*No photographs of the performances as cameras were not allowed inside.


  1. where is the 'cabaret broadway show' take place? only cat-walk?

    oh, 10s for the info, or else i would be another idiot take photo with them & thinking is FOCin july...lolz

  2. hi amei79

    its simon cabaret. no, there's lots of performance before that. the parade with photos is after the show :) the price is about 500baht or so.

  3. there are lots of those ladyboys in thailand besides those found in simon cabaret. with their large brother industry, u'll never who is real or fake ...... hehehe

  4. Interesting, those ladyboys. I've seen ladyboys performing in Bangkok before and the show was so entertaining I truly enjoyed it! They also liked to make fun of men in the audience. I was one of them - one of the performers went down to the audience, came near me and asked me to touch her/his breast! And I did it in full view of the audience!
    And it's so true - they depend on the money we gave for taking their photos.

  5. hey johnny

    haha - ya its hard to distinguish until they speak :)

    wow, u were the lucky one! :)

  6. 555+, That are their job.Don't crazy...:)


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