Monday, June 30, 2008

Traditional Taiwan Breakfast

Although the hotel has breakfast, but we had wanted to try some traditional local Taiwan breakfast. So our friend brought us to a traditional shop serving delicious Taiwan food... and delicious it was (& traditional too).

taiwan traditional breakfast - coffee shop
The coffee-shop like setting

The setting may seem ordinary, but it is this such setting that one feels so at home & welcomed.

Actually, the setting is not the only one that is traditional.

taiwan traditional breakfast - basket
It even has a traditional like basket to keep its change - right here in Taipei

Traditionatal Food Preparation
First, see how they are done. Similar to back home, the yu tiao is done on a big white board.

taiwan traditional breakfast - yu tiao board

However, the way it is dried is a lil different. This is a good method as it allows the oil to drip making the yu tiao less oily. However, the end or the tip can get rather oily.

taiwan traditional breakfast - fry yu tiao & dumpling
There are also the dumplings Taiwan is famous for throughout

taiwan traditional breakfast - traditional Taiwan pancake
And this shop also serves the traditional pancakes - the utensils just seem so familiar rite? :)

Here Comes The Traditional Dishes
The food is then ready to be served to a group of breakfast hungry (or more so eager to try, who btw, have already seated comfortably in this open air food outlet.

The traditional food of tasty soya bean, yu tiao, dumplings & bun

The soya bean is like the other star dish here, and is best eaten with the delicious yu tiao. Yes, one can dip it in, just like how we dip the yu tiao in coffees to soften it.

Also served the Taiwan traditional pancakes

While having our breakfast, we noticed the table beside enjoying (& slurping) to a hearty bowl of noodles. We then decided of ordering it as well, but alas, it was already sold out... though it was only 9am (the time we saw the person eating it).

*This shop owner proves on a friendly Taiwan. At first some of her yu tiao were rather oily, and we mentioned it to the lady restaurant boss. She immediately mentioned not to worry. And before we know it, she replaced a new set of yu tiao on the table!

All the while, she did this willingly - it's her wanting to make the customers happy that made us come back another day... and of course, the delicious traditional breakfast is part of the reason. And 2nd time around, we at the traditional noodles alrite by coming even much earlier!

We had many more traditional food all - not just in Taipei. And that interesting array of food is coming up next in the final food segment for Taiwan (for now that is!) :)


  1. their BAOs ok? those in China do not taste nice at all, compared to those in Msia..

  2. OMG! you make me drooling.....:)

  3. Looks like kopitiam in Malaysia and Singapore.

  4. oh i love taiwan breakfast! i had sort of pancake wif eggs or hams or bacon or chicken was yummy that i have to go back for 2nd day morning! i love their snacks!!

  5. hi haan
    their baos ok - not too bad. taiwan food quite alrite. though after a while, i miss our spicier dishes :) (nothing like food back home haha)

    yes, the food is that great ya :) really enjoyed them.

    yes, rather similar, except for that tin can (cant see much in bigger towns these days). but in taiwan, there are so many chic cafes, making this rather traditional i guess :)

    oh ya, love taiwan's snacks as well. i think they have made a name for themselves in the snack area + their street food :)

  6. yum yum...
    reminded me of my last trip to taipei hmm...few years ago

    loved their pancakes.

    cant wait to go back there this september...;)

  7. bidarlah
    heya thats cool. have a fun & enjoyable trip. and share what uve eaten in taiwan :)

  8. hi
    May I borrow your picture?
    I'm writting my project about Taiwan's food!
    I really like your text!!



  9. @carine
    hi thanks for the compliments. can i know where ru going to use the article?


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