Monday, June 09, 2008

Delicious Thai Food

There is something special on Thai food that I like. I find them spicy, yet not heavy and in most times a mixture of sweet and sour... and simply delicious! Aroy!

And though there are many Thai restaurants that pop up back here, but there is nothing comparable to those authentic Thai food cooked & prepared in Thailand! (getting hungry lol).

Going Thai
So, in this trip to Phuket, Thailand, we took as much opportunity to savour the local Thai dishes. Although we didn't really search around, but whenever it was time to eat, we only went for Thai restaurants. But in the cases, there weren't any, we went to those that were of a fusion or at least have a lil bit of Thai food menu, just like the first restaurant in the shopping centre.

It was a Japanese-Thai restaurant serving fusion food.

thai food, thailand, japanese-thai, ramen, tom yam
Tom yam gung served with Japanese ramen.

That was one of the best ramen I've ever eaten!

Another restaurant we tried was at one of the lanes at Patong beach. They serve local Thai dishes, or so we think. I guess it's more like a fusion, but still delicious.

thai food, thailand - crispy fried prawn
Crispy fried prawns

thai food, thailand - escargot
'Escargot' in the menu, but it wasn't snails, but oysters - still delicous & served with bread

Must Try In Thailand
And of course, throughout the trip, we tried the famous Thai food wherever we went - weather it was eating at the hotel or the restaurants, for lunch or dinner.

thai food, thailand - pad thai
The pad thai - a flat based noodle, like the kuay teow, but cooked differently

thai food, thailand - fried rice
Thai fried rice - their fried rice is distinct, not too spicy, and usually very tasty

thai food, thailand - morning glory
The no. 1 tom yam gung. Beside it, deep fried pork & stir fried morning glory (kangkung-lah)

We really thought that the morning glory was something else. lol.

Must Try In Phuket
Apparently, Phuket is known for its seafood. The pic above was at this rather dim & in a way unassuming restaurant. We happened to eat there by chance, and it turned out to be a perfect bliss! The best restaurant we had in Phuket serving traditional Thai food!

The food is simply local - spicy, sweet, sour all mixed. And in fact, there were many locals eating there, which is good meaning it is local taste!

And here's other food we had at this Thai restaurant:

thai food, thailand - stuffed crab
Thai stuffed crab

thai food, thailand - steam fish
Steamed fish - Thai style

Smells Good Too
The fish was fresh and in fact, we had 2 fishes, the other BBQ! Ok, that sounds greedy, but the reason we ordered this BBQ fish was because of the aroma we could smell as we sat at the table.

We asked the waitress, and she mentioned it was because of this:

thai food, thailand - bbq fish
It may not look appetising, that is because they've taken away the skin after BBQ - and actually, this really was the catch of the day.

I've actually tried this before in Bangkok as well, and it was simply delicious. Truly recommended!

Other Unique Food

thai food, thailand - pomelo crab salad
Another nice food we had is this pomelo salad with crab meet - as I mentioned, it's a mixture of sweet & sour

And in Thailand, I would recommend to always try their fruit drinks which are reasonable priced - and are usually cleanly prepared (in case you are worried).

thai food, thailand - mix fruit juice
Mixed fruit juice - see the glass it is served in

thai food, thailand - fruit drink
These are real fruit drinks - no additional colouring haha

thai food, thailand - pomelo drink
They even serve pomelo drink - this was at the restaurant in the hotel

More Than Food & Drinks
And one last one that we had which made us rather full... something we ate by the roadside - the Thai local fruits.

thai food, thailand - fruits, durian, mango
We ate by the road through this seller selling from the back of their lorry... in fact, we bought back lots of fruits to the hotel too

The Thai food really gels in with the holiday, where apart from able to see & do many things in Phuket, we get to have good delicious meals to look forward to. And now back, there is just this craving for Thai food - and though eating at the Thai restaurants here will not be the same, but at least it goes close back to 'paradise' :)

*We were always in a rush for our dinners, no matter how tasty & delicious the food were... but for a good reason. That's coming up next!


  1. Man... You are evil for making me salivating :p

  2. wah...

    food and more food haha...


    pomelo drinks are nice esp with bits in it.

    and duuuurians haha..

  3. You are making me hungry, QC, and it's not even dinnertime yet! LOL!! What an appetising spread! Are you still there?

  4. man ur making me hungry lol. that tomyam gung looks very tempting. n so does that stuffed crab. ermm yummy. xd

  5. Hey Vinnie~

    Nice food :-) I'm planning to go back to Bangkok again this year for shopping for new years!! Hehe~

  6. Thai food are just so yummy and fresh!! I notice not many fat people in Thailand compared to Malaysia. Is it something to do with their food?

  7. just had thai food a week ago :)
    luckily i don't have to fly all the way to thailand

  8. Everything looks fantastic...except the durian!


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