Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thai Night Market Same Same Malaysia

As we lost our way in Phuket, we found a hidden treasure - the night market. I've mentioned before how I enjoy going to the night markets and this is no exception. In fact, we were all thankful to have lost our way!

Just like our night market, this night market sells both cooked & raw/ uncooked food. There are 2 faces of this market - one that is similar (same same) to Malaysia's.

Here's why:

1. Fruits
The Thai local fruits are very similar to that of Malaysia's.

thai night market, thailand, durian
The first stall greeted us with the local Thai durians

The durians are usually thicker, but have a different taste - not too strong the smell, which is good for beginners.

thai night market, thailand, fruits, mango
Yellow & green mangoes

thai night market, thailand, fruits, mangosteen, rambutan
The red rambutans & sweet purple mangosteens

2. Satay

thai night market, thailand, satay
Although not so much sold in Malaysia's night markets, but this satay scene is quite familiar to ours

See the fish behind the satay - rather huge!

3. Fried Chicken

thai night market, thailand, fried chicken
Though not as many stalls like back home, but these looks so same same!

4. Otah
thai night market, thailand, otah
Care for one? :)

5. Popiah

thai night market, thailand, popiah
Yes, they have it here too!

6. Fried fritters

thai night market, thailand, fried fritter
The all time favourite finger food

7. Raw seafood

thai night market, thailand, prawn, seafood
Prawns & other seafood

8. Vegetables

thai night market, thailand, vegetable
A lil messy, but nice

9. Dried food

thai night market, thailand, dried food

thai night market, thailand, dried food
We too have similar dried & bbq food too

Just see the Muslim lady - looks same same! lol

10. Clothes

thai night market, thailand, clothes
Can you see - its QC fashion! haha

Well, that first half of the night market really makes us feel like as if we are back home in Malaysia. But coming up next, Thai market no same Malaysia! :)

*Same same is how the Thais use to say it's similar or the same. There's a style to say it, which is rather cute actually.


  1. It's still quite bright for a night market lol

  2. heya acura

    ya, it is - it was sometime in early evening. not sure how long it will be until tho. but like the ones in my hometown malacca, the night markets end by 7 ish (hardly even touching the night) :)

  3. I love the satay pictures. Looks yummy...

    Does it taste any differently from those in our local food stalls?

  4. Now I'm hungry and I miss Thailand. What I wouldn't give for a juicy mangosteen right now!


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