Sunday, June 22, 2008

Taiwan Is Cool

Taiwan is cool - that is the impression I get even before arriving to this island. I maybe influenced by the background of picturesque Taipei or Taiwan via its TV series... and its not just the cooler weather especially when it rains. :)

And having recently been to Taiwan, I really wasn't disappointed when I arrived here as in a way, it was like walking into a TV scene.

These are the cool facts about Taiwan:

1. Cool Streets
The bustling roads are filled with so many colours with many outlets providing a good time for Taiwan shopping!

taiwan cool, taipei cool, cool taiwan street

And apart from the main roads, a cooler view are the small cramp streets & lanes that have an atmosphere that is rather homely.

taiwan cool, taipei cool, cool taiwan street

taiwan cool, taipei cool, cool taiwan street

2. Cool Food Outlets
Along these streets are located the many local cafes & small food outlets. The more modern outlets & cafes do have good designs & are rather trendy!

taiwan cool, taipei cool, cool food outlet

And the nice part about Taiwan is where traditional outlets run side by side these modern shops, giving a sense of contrast of old & new.

taiwan cool, taipei cool, cool taiwan traditional food outlet
The traditional shop plus the scooter in front... Even the scooter makes Taiwan look cool! (there are many of them in Taiwan)

3. Billboards & Signboards
Another distinct character of Taiwan is just like the many other Chinese cities with a huge dose of signboards & billboards, all trying to get the attention of the passersby. From small signboards in front of the shops up to the huge billboards which seem to pop out of nowhere, no building wall seem to be untouched!

taiwan cool, taipei cool, billboard

taiwan cool, taipei cool, billboard
Supermodel Chin Ling is a big hit in Taiwan

taiwan cool, taipei cool, billboard
The cinema - all the pillars are covered with posters of advertisement

4. Xi Men Ding
Talking bout billboards, Xi Men Ding is a must mention & must visit as well. A hip place for both local Taiwanese & tourists alike, this place is filled with huge billboards & lights.

And the roads or lanes are closed to allow pedestrians to walk & shop along the many trendy boutiques & eat the many street food.

taiwan cool, taipei cool, xi men ding

taiwan cool, taipei cool, xi men ding

taiwan cool, taipei cool, xi men ding

This place is the love of the TV shows and now I know why. Walking at Xi Men Ding just gives one a modern impression of Taipei... and where one can just loosen up and soak in the cool atmosphere.

5. Taiwan Cool Greenery
Though not boasting as a green city, but the trees planted at some corners of Taipei city gives a cool view, especially when it rains and the roads are wet.

taiwan cool, taipei cool, greenery, trees
Going green just seems cool!

taiwan cool, taipei cool, greenery, trees
Pedestrian walkway in between the trees

6. Taipei's Landmark
And finally, the unmistakable new landmark of Taipei & Taiwan... the tallest tower of Taipei 101 which can be seen at nearly every corner of the city.

taiwan cool, taipei cool, taipei 101
The Taipei 101 is like a star on its own - can you see it? (looks tiny here)

What makes this tower majestic is its undisturbed view of the tower - where the tower is not clustered or surrounded by any other tall buildings, hence one can zoom & focus directly on it.

These cool images of Taipei, Taiwan, just makes me fall in love with this contrasting city of old & new... and its nice to know that it truly lives up to its TV image :)

More on Taipei 101 up next!


  1. more pics next time :) enjoyed this post but where r u ...mayb there is no one to help u take pics

  2. Wah! You really make me MISS Taipei VERY MUCH!!
    Thanks for sharing....

  3. bengbeng
    like the photos to just show the place/ people haha. not really into posting pics of myself in the blog yet... maybe sometimes soon lol :)

    haha, glad i managed to do it. its such a beautiful place rite :)

  4. Amazing pictures, wish i can visit these places

  5. ya, it really is a cool place... good enough for nice photos hehe. im sure you will go there someday soon :)

  6. Quachee,

    Thanks for your kinds comments on my blog:

    I'm glad you liked your time in Taipei, as I can see in this write up. That's where I live and work now.

    I really loved Kuala Lumpur, it's become my favorite city in Southeast Asia! Great food, interesting people and cool restaurants and bars.


  7. thank you. yr blog is insightful on taiwan :)

  8. Ahh...I love this post too~ It's well written and has lots of lovely photos that's soothing to the eyes and the senses~ Complete awesomeness, QuaChee! ;D


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