Sunday, June 15, 2008

Unique Thai CD

To me, music allows one to embrace another country's culture. And that is why when overseas, I try to grab a few local artistes albums.

I sometimes do buy the traditional music CDs to know a lil bit on their past & culture, but also I do get the current chart toppers to know what the people like and are listening today.

So while in Phuket, Thailand recently, I managed to get a few Thai CDs - mainly Thai pop! I'm not going to share much on Thai pop but more interestingly on their rather unique covers.

Unique Covers
CD covers have seen a new age and are now seem to become more of a collectible. These has started in Chinese CDs and is also quite apparent on the Thai CDs! Their front designs are edgy and quite catchy... and at times they come in very unique packgaing.

Here are 3 rather unique ones which I got:

1. Double CD & VCD case
The rather long CD box sees the CD & DVD is well placed inside it.

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cd

2. CD case
This is rather unique as the CD actually comes in a CD case which allows one to keep many CDs inside - 12 CDs in total in fact.

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cd

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cd

Guess they are encouraging to use this CD case to keep all the other love CDs!

3. Teaser Calendar
Of all, I find this the most unique one - it is like a calendar stand. And the CD is kept in one of its pocket. But flipping its pages, this CD is a true teaser. The group name is Friday... and they have a page for Saturday.

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cd
The front of the CD-calendar

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cd
The page for Saturday - what a teaser!

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cd
The Thai CD tucked nicely in one of the pockets

Of course, the outside must meet the inside (the music) - and I'm still adjusting to these Thai songs which sounds rather indie than pop. The other CDs I got seem more pop, but alas their packaging not as good as these. But nevertheless, these are nice souvenirs from Thailand and I'll still play the songs :)

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