Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thai Souvenir

After a 4day & 3night trip to Thailand, and from so-so to like & may come back again to now definitely will come back, this trip has been a real eye opener. Phuket is really a jewel island of this Amazing Thailand, and now I know why so many people like and many more have fallen in love with it.

But time is up and I had to leave this country which I may someday call home... But for now, I can only bring back some souvenirs as memorables. Here I share some Thailand souvenirs which I got and other Thai souvenirs worth buying as well - either for yourself as a present from Thailand or as a gift idea to your families & friends back home.

1. Thai snacks
Though most of these can be bought during the Thai fairs back home, but getting it fresh from Thailand is the best. The taste is always fresher and usually more affordable.

thailand, thai souvenir, cookies
These sweets & cookies were so delicious that we finished them before even coming back - talk about souvenir lol

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cake
More Thai cakes - all well wrapped

2. Thai durian
Ok, you most likely can't bring this back. But instead of the fruit, one can bring back the durian chips. They have been processed and don't have the strong aroma... and the customs and airplane will let you through.

thailand, thai souvenir, durian chip
Thai durian chips - a good gift if you or your friends are a fan of the king of fruits

3. Instant Thai Noodle - Tom Yam
And if one misses the tom yam gung that Thailand is famous for, this will be a great travel souvenir back home. You can still slurp in the authentic Thai food at the comfort of your home and anytime you are up for it.

thailand, thai souvenir, instant noodle - tom yam
This brand is quite nice - worth a try if you are on Thai food

4. More Thai Food Souvenir - Pad Thai
And from tom yam, one can also get the popular pad thai. You can literally serve a proper meal at home!

thailand, thai souvenir, instant pad thai
Nicely packed pad thais - can be kept for yourself or given away as gifts

5. Elephants
Elephants are synonym to Thailand and one can see it everywhere, including in gift & souvenir shops. Its usually one of the must to get from Thailand and they come in many forms, mainly as an elephant soft toy or even wood carving.

thailand, thai souvenir, elephant soft toy
These elephant soft toys is all dressed up in traditional clothes

thailand, thai souvenir, wood carvig elephant
Wood elephant souvenirs for decorations

6. More Elephants
And actually, one can even buy elephants in the form of elephant gift t-shirts. People love to buy t-shirts of places they visit, and this could be one of them to show that you've visited Thailand!

thailand, thai souvenir, thai t-shirt
The front of the t-shirt

thailand, thai souvenir, thai t-shirt
The cheeky back of the t-shirt

This is actually a hand painted t-shirt, meaning each t-shirt or the t-shirt you buy will be different from others owning it. Quite cool eh.

7. Paintings
Many people actually buy paintings from Asia, and even Thailand for its quality & price. In Thailand, they are more famous for their Buddha paintings and also the many elephants or nature.

There are just so many small & big galleries along the beach offering beautiful paintings - many of which you can know the artist and even ask for a request. Even up market gift shops do carry some paintings.

thailand, thai souvenir, painting

8. Thai books
As a fan of books, one should not miss the books that are published in Thailand. I've noticed that their designs & artwork are usually very creative and even the contents are fresh& different.

There are the heritage, culture, traditions books which seem to be non-stop being published as well as more chic travel books on Thailand. And one can simply get them literally anywhere with their vast number of bookstores - even at their 7-Elevens where there is usually a book segment in the shop. But for higher end books & more unique books - get them at Kinokunya & B2S (these bookstores is my business partner by the way, carrying my books).

thailand, thai souvenir, book
Thai book written in both English & Thai

9. Thai CDs
If you are a real music lover, and I highlight real, as in you are open to music from any background/ country, then grab a few Thai CDs before you leave.

Thai pop is unique and has its own distinct style which is quite nice & smooth in a way. There is also the rather indie sounding jazz music. And just to note, Thailand is a country whereby the local giant label rule the music industry - way to go!

thailand, thai souvenir, thai cd
Thai pop!

There you have it, 9 Thai souvenirs to bring back from the Land of Smiles that truly represents Thailand.

Well, if to add one more souvenir from Thailand, I'll say a fridge magnet... but I couldn't find any good & reasonable priced ones in Phuket.

Anyway, now you'll know what to get for yourself & your friends when you go to Thailand next! And yes, I very recommend a visit to this beautiful & amazing country :)


  1. So many souvenirs...Must be on a shopping spree in Thailand hehe

  2. hmmm, not really actually... ok, the thai cds were quite a fair bit :) (but they are cheap - their local thai cds are way cheaper)

  3. I've brought back many of the same souvenirs as well as a couple of Buddha pendants, some beautiful flower garlands, and you can't come back from Thailand without something made of silk.

    A lot of great posts on Thailand QuaChee! You aren't helping me with my blues...I can't wait to get back.

  4. heya talen

    ya forgot to mention on those thai silks! lol.

    btw glad u enjoyed the posts on thailand. i too cant wait to get back to this beautiful land of smiles - and its city of angels! :)

  5. where can i find that elephant toys?
    retail shop? shopping mall?
    location please~

  6. Wow......... Amazed!! have you buy some Premium Gift from Thailand??


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