Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 20: My Upcoming Talks

malaysia book, talk, batik fashion show
In 2005, after releasing the first book (Batik Inspirations), I actually participated in a fair bit of events to promote the books. First the launch with the Peranakan community in Singapore, including a staged batik fashion show - right in the heart of the Lion City!
malaysia book, talk, kl fashion week
Then within weeks, there was the Asia Fashion Week KL (where we met Amber Chia!) and the KL Batik event (where we were congratulated by Pak Lah).

malaysia book, talk, kl batik convention
Amber, while she was still an 'upcoming model' back in Nov 2005. Together is Datuk Dr Victor Wee @ the KL International Fashion Week.

malaysia book, talk, batik bookstore talkThe team :)

malaysia book, talk, batik bookstore talk
In 2006, I continued with some smaller talks in the bookstores. In fact, looking back, it wasn't that small afterall, as we actually even did a fashion show in the MPH bookstore, inviting fellow designers and models. Even the press was present.

2007: Quiet Year
Organising these events has been very tiring, though rather fun - especially when looking back (but not when you're on it). And since in 2007, there's no new offering, we remained relatively quiet the year throughout.

And I really didn't thought of doing much events anymore - wondering if it's worthwhile for all the time spent (for each event including the bookstores, 1 full month of time spent is common).

Moving Forward: 2008
So comparing with the first book, the release of the 50+1 Malaysia book is rather queit.

malaysia book, talk, uitm talk
I haven't really bothered to organise any events - which is really unlike the first book when our events were just apart by the week! (imagine participating & organising 3 events in a times frame of 4 weeks or so).

In fact the only event I did with regards to the 50+1 Malaysia book was to have a talk in UITM.

Queit No More
Then quite recently, the bookstores offered to co-organise some talks in conjunction with the release of the books and asked if I'm interested.

Unlike last time when I readily said yes, this time I took some time to give an answer. But when I finally did, I think you also know the answer - "Yes"!

Invitation To You
So, I would like to invite all readers who are in KL or would be in KL this coming weekend to join me in my first public talk for the 50+1 Malaysia book.

Though there won't be any Amber Chia or fashion show... and it's just gonna be me this time round, but I'll give my best to make the 2 talks as interesting as possible... and that you can take something inspiring back.

You can join me in either talks or even both as they are on 2 different topics - one on our beloved country, Malaysia - and what many find it beautiful about... while on the other talk, I'll share the works that went behind the whole publishing process and more interestingly, things behind the scenes! :)

Event Details:

I LOVE Malaysia Lah
So often than not, living in Malaysia, we have 101 complaints about this country. But beyond all these, Malaysia is a beautiful country from places, food and even people. And to say I LOVE Malaysia is no understatement. It is afterall, home.
15 NOV 2008 (SAT), 2pm,POPULAR @ Sunway Pyramid

50+1 Malaysia: The Journey & Things You Might Not Know

Did you know we had over 100 book covers? And that the book title was something different in the start? These are just the few things we faced. If you are interested to learn more on the journey of publishing this book and insight to the publishing industry, this talk is for you.
16 NOV 2008 (SUN), 2pm, POPULAR @ IKANO Power Centre

I do hope you can join me :)

*Oh btw, before you get any shock, QuaChee is bigger (in size) now haha!


  1. Way to go bro!!! Are you doing any launch in singapore?

  2. quachee,
    That's cool! All the best!:)

  3. @stormwhistle
    thanks, ur always encouraging :)
    no launches in singapore, but we may consider some relevant talks if suitable :)

    thank you :)

  4. That's great do let me know if you're doing any in singapore :)

  5. That's great! Have fun!

    Size really matters? LOL!

  6. @happysurfer
    thanks :)
    on size.. the reason i mentioned was because i met an acquintance recently, and he mentioned 'wow, didn't know you are so... huge!'. so i thought i had better clear it first lol :)

  7. Quachee! it's great to see that you are reviving this thing back.
    yes! go go go...

  8. @ken
    thank you! :) yes, go, go, go... i will! hehe :)

  9. Good luck for your upcoming talk. Hope you will see a lot of your fansee.

  10. aiyak, i wont be in Kl this weekend... best of luck ya!! hope it will be a great success! :)

  11. It's nice to see someone who is so passionate in promoting the country.

    All the best to you quachee. Glad to see you are doing well.

  12. sad thing is the venue is not in penang. i'd definitely go if its in penang. you are such an idol to me quachee. i want to write a book someday too. who knows :)

  13. hi quachee, I thought I left a comment here one or two days ago? How come didn't appear one?

    Anyway, just want to say I would love to attend your talk, especially the one in Ikano. But too bad, I won't be around at that time! Hope you have a successful talk and pls blog about it!

    Regarding your size, you look pretty tall in your photos! : )

  14. Your can be considered as quite accomplished, at least relatively. ha =) Anyway, ganbatte! I'm sure you can scale higher heights in the future. Too bad I'm not in KL! Perhaps when you organise in malacca I could join. LAst but not least all the best! =)

  15. to all,
    thanks for the beautiful support. the talk was just ok. i guess there's more for me in this entrepreneurship journey! :)


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