Saturday, November 22, 2008

On Air Korean Drama

On Air Korean Drama Review

on air korean drama

I must admit I'm a slow starter in the Korean dramas. But recently, I've been watching a bit... and one of them this On Air Korean Drama.

And I must say this Korean drama series really blew me - making me keep watching the next episode non stop.

I think it's really super - wonderful storyline, plus the hit OST and the must have beautiful and good looking cast.

But what made me purchase this DVD is actually the fact that it is about what goes behind the making of a Korean drama.

On Air Korean Drama Synopsis
It all first starts with the TV station working with a production house - then getting the right director - next the hit winning scriptwriter who can write good stories - and also importantly the star factor actress to bring in the viewers.

Of course, it's not as simple as that especially when the production tries to bring in the big names scriptwriter & actress. Many things unfold along the way with lots of heated arguments... and blossoming love relationships.

Interestingly, this series also shows the relationship between actress/ actors and their agents.

In short, this whole series do show the full works that goes behind in producing a hit Korea drama series... and it itself being a hit in Korea!

So to all of the Korean drama fans, go grab this DVD! Definitely a must watch! :)

On Air Cast: the beautiful Kim Ha Neul, Lee Bum Soo, Park Yong Ha, Song Yoon Ah.

On Air'' is directed by Shin Woo-chul and written by Kim Eun-suk, the creators of hit dramas ``Lovers in Paris'' (2004), ``Lovers in Prague'' (2005) and ``Lovers'' (2006).

*Next up, I'll share how this Korean drama series relates to my work :)


  1. I used to be a Korean Drama fan. But I have stopped for quite some time, now I wanted to choose a new drama to watch. Perhaps this one will do.

  2. I'm not a fan of Korean dramas. Much prefer HK TVB dramas. But I know why you are watching this drama - it's related to your work. I guessed it before you mentioned it at the end of your post. Haha! Maybe you can now reveal your current project which you have been so secretive about in your last few posts!
    : )

  3. I love Korean dramas and will always listen to their OST over and over again. LOL

  4. Do check out "Lawyers"

    Despite the synopsis, it's not really the typical Korean Drama out there like "On Air". "Lawyers" is NOT appealing to majority of people but worth the watch cos it makes me think whether I would go to the dark side just because I want to stay alive.

  5. That's something new from the K-pop culture. At least a little different from their other series. It's been awhile since I last watched a Korean drama. My 1st one was The successful story of the Beautiful girl. That was like dinasour right? Anyway I hope you enjoy it. =)

  6. we love to watch korean drama movie too. generally they r clean of vice, every body is beautiful, polite and follow a certain set of ethics. but the only problem is the mrs and me tend to watch non stop until the late hrs of the morning. non stop. it is very addictive :)

  7. @horizon
    yes, this will be a good watch! :)

    wow, im surprised. thought korean drama is the big wave for all :)

    now u know what im planning to do! :)

    do you buy their cds?

    sure, will go check it out. im game for any good korean drama! :)

    i guess when you are more settled with yr new job, ull go back watching heh :)

    agree on it being addictive!

  8. hi, accidentally saw your blog.
    i'm malacan too. may i know where did you bought the dvd set? i can't found them in malacca. i'm seriously addicted to the drama ON AIR and wish to get one copy of dvd version to keep. ^^

  9. @elaine
    im not sure if you can get it in malaysia. i got this in singapore :)

  10. ic... it seems i have to travel to spore to get this dramabox set haha.

    p/s: thank you for the comment. i guess you know the song well, right? ;)

  11. @elaine
    think it will come to malaysia soon. how did u know bout it if you couldnt buy it? was it shown on tv? :)

    oh the song - yes, i know it haha.

  12. haha i watched the downloaded version from my friend. then i think it is worth to own one original copy since the plot and actors/actresses are so nice.

    btw, how much did you bought it?

  13. @elaine
    yes, its worth the keep! i fully recommend :)

    i cant really remember the price - think around sgd29-40+ :)

  14. hi, thanks for telling the price. im going to get myself one when i get to spore, haha. =)

  15. You might like the show - Worlds Within - Korean drama too. By the way, pinjam this DVD can? Hahah!

  16. I haven't heard about this k-series, but I think its worth watching. I'm gonna check it out.

  17. I much prefer Korean dramas too and a really cool source of them over the internet. Hehehe.


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