Saturday, November 08, 2008

Early Christmas

christmas tree
Christmas tree in the works

Walk around the malls, and we can see the Christmas decorations come popping up. It is a reminder that Christmas is coming.

In fact in the news, there are reports that Christmas is early this year, where retailers are going all out to woo their customers earlier - before the dark economic crises sinks further.

early christmas
Well, I'm also having an early Christmas... but of a different kind.

These are not Christmas decorations... but instead the fillers to fill up the space in between the boxes.

I learnt about having these plastic fillers but can't remember their name. And was actually searching a bit on where to get them. This was really my first time doing such (because of the different packaging requested).

Some search and I eventually bought them at the local post office!

early christmas
Putting these fillers makes me think of snow white Christmas - but instead of what some may use these to make artificial snow, I'm filling up boxes instead haha!

But that's good news, as I'm proud that we are getting reorders for my first book, Batik Inspirations... To make this doubly sweet, this is from Indonesia some more!

Hooray to the early Christmas! :)


  1. HIhi ,

    COngrat christmas has indeed arrival earlier for you :)

  2. wow... i too cant wait for Christmas! We also started our Church Christmas Decoration...

  3. The fillers reminded me of the boxes that arrive from Kinokuniya. So nice!

    I just bought a Christmas CD from Starbucks yesterday when I was buying my usual coffee. :D

  4. Congratulation Q!

    I love the atmosphere at Singapore during X'mas! It's totally different world compare with JB!
    I might bring my family to SG this coming X'mas....just another 'fat' dream that hopefully not that jam on the causeway! Haha!

  5. Reorders? Wonderful news, QC. Congratulations!

  6. Christmas is coming! But I have never celebrated it...wait...I did. But it was a long, long time ago. Perhaps this year could be different. I love christmas songs. It reminds me of my time working on jonker street with those blaring x'mas songs. Quachee, any present for us? Ha =D

  7. Wahhh.. Merry Christmas in Advance :)

  8. Congrats on your re-orders! Yeah, i love the christmas deco and spirit around this time of the year.

  9. I saw the shopping complex decorating Xmas trees the day after Deepavali! Are they fast or what!

    Oh, yes congrats on the re-orders of your book! Btw, I thought you know Mandarin? Surprised that you are learning mandarin as mentioned in my blog : )

  10. the "Christmas tree" looks so cool, this year many seemed to be waiting for it super early. :D

  11. @stormwhistle
    ru preparing for christmas now? :)

    somehow the batik book is more appreciated overseas :)

    im sure you are! its a nice feeling heh :)

    oh that's nice. ur in the mood already heh :)

    i think its gonna be jam. haha. maybe come over before christmas :)

    thanks! :)

    this period of the year, all things nice one heh :)

    wow didnt know jonker's also got christmas celebrations? try going to the kg portugese. the lights there are nice :)

    to a merry christmas to you too! :)

    thank you.

    yes, its really a nice time of the year! im going to take some shots of all these deco! :)

    wait till i show you the tree when it's all done up! its really beautiful :)


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