Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's Like Going Bananas

I've mentioned this briefly once when doing the 50+1 Malaysia book. And I'm mentioning it here again. The reason simply because I'm into a new project.

Whenever an idea is conceived, I usually feel good about it. Have you experienced it before? The feeling of excitement that the idea will turn reality with a super outcome (like how we want it to be) and even envisioning a smooth ride!

Not Cloud 9

But then, when I really get down to 'grind' the idea proper, the first problems arise. Sometimes, some ideas then turn out to be just so-so, and it maybe abandoned. Other times, they are workable, and more 'grinding' is needed to make the first step of it turn reality.

Well, now that I'm on a new project, the same thing arise. This has been vetted (by other parties), meaning it is a workable idea. And the green button is already on.

However, despite that, I didn't jump in. This whole thing seem really too new to me and really very overwhelming.

So my first step is to get more insights on the industry by attending a few courses and events which I think are related.

And the outcome - there is hope (it seems funny having to mention this), though I really got quite scared out of the reality as well. In fact, it made me quite confused at times too!

Talking To Others

Despite attending the courses, but that doesn't complete the thought process as they were merely insights (things to do, the step-by-step guide, what others have done, etc)... while the idea of this project remains at its infancy.

So, the next thing I've been doing is to link up with industry players a bit... and in fact, even to the non industry players. These gives a more rounded approach - where while industry players will give even more insights, however, the nons are the ones with usually a good twist, many times looking from a different perspective.

Talking to these people have helped a fair bit in my progress. After some round of discussions, the idea seems to 'fall in place' now.

So, what's the outcome?

It's been nearly a month now that I'm on this (seriously, 1 month of research can get tiring & make one go bananas!)... and yet despite all that, I can't say that I'm ready to roll out the idea as yet. It still needs a fair bit of 'twitching'.

Whatever it is, I'm keeping a positive mindset on this. There has been advancement in the past 1 month... and let's hope for something good to comes out. Wish me luck! :)

*The bananas pic was taken in Orchard Road!


  1. Your making me curious about your new project!

    Quachee, you're being mysterious. :P

  2. Eat the bananas, don't go bananas! Haha! Hope everything works out for you and good luck!! : )

  3. You had a nice blog here. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog yea. :D

  4. Interesting work over there. My best wishes to you :)


  5. Wishing u loads and loads and loads of luck on ur new project!

  6. Wow! You really banana lar. Ha =) So when can we know? If not we'll be going banana too. LOL

  7. to all, sorry this reply is late. but i hope better late than never :)

    now u know already heh :)

    thank you! lol. but this year was really a bananas filled year!

    lol. now u know what im gonna do :)

    thanks for coming here to leave a comment as well :)

    thanks for yr wishes. it really helps :)

    thanks. need loads of it! haha :)

    you are really a nice blogger friend! :)

    like yr style of comment lah :)


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