Monday, November 24, 2008

Korean Drama & Me

In my review of the Korean Drama: On Air, I actually mentioned the reason I purchased it was because of the storyline... which I feel relates a lot to my current works.

First allow me to explain my current works.

It has been a while now that I have this hope of producing a movie/ film/ drama... especially since after the first book project, Batik Inspirations. However, I've never had the chance to act on it till now.

So, recently I've been learning more about productions and all that is related... and am now kind of ready to embark on the new project - to do webisodes (online drama).

How Does On Air Relate

Watching the series On Air, I can relate to the 4 characters in it.

1. Scriptwriter

I can understand the scriptwriter who threads between creativity and commercialism. Like in the series, many times, the scriptwriter will tend to stick to a certain cliche formula which has been a hit style. However, this can be quite noticeable after a while.

In this series, she eventually relented and gave in... but with a huge risk.

How this relates to my work - well, I plan to co-work with the scriptwriter for this project... as I do have something in mind already and a certain style that I vision. I just hope our ideas are in line :)

2. Director
The director plays an important role in bringing the idea of the scriptwriter to 'live'... plus knowing how to bring the best out of the actors & actresses.

In this series, the director actually played a bigger role - first in ensuring he could get the winning scriptwriter on board... and then getting the scriptwriter to do the unthinkable - ie away from her works.

How this relates to my work - though I won't be directing this drama series, but there are the certain visuals which I hope the director & myself can work together on. And maybe in the future, I'll be a director myself as well :)

3. Actor/ Actress

Here is where the beautiful & award winning actress Kim Ha Neul, played the role of an actress.

Actors & actresses all want a big break - some can act, but most often than not, many have a good face (& figure) to make it big in the industry. And once big, they then have this worry of keeping on the top, wanting their privacy, and some even to lead a 'normal' life. This is actually the hardest part of an actor after the struggle for the big break.

And it is here that we hear lots of scary diva stories - because these actors/ actresses are so afraid, that they just want everything perfect... to give them the smoothest ride and continue their popularity and demand.

How this relates to my work - I've been wanting to play a bigger role in acting. So far, my roles have been rather minor and uninteresting. But hopefully in this webisode, I'll get to show some acting skills and maybe a small break :)

4. Agent
In this series, it showed how a star agent 'grooms' star actors & actresses. First it was selling an image to the world (eg decent cute girl look, girl next door look)... and later on to continue to manage her as a 'star', and making sure the 'star' continues to shine (eg change the look to more than just the girl next door... maybe take on more challenging roles).

How this relates to my work - I can understand how stars are made. It does seem scary to be 'controlled' & 'moulded' - to someone who we may not be. Though it would be nice to be 'groomed to be a star', but for me, I think, it's better if we have achieved something our way - and still be a big star.

I hope these sharing is a good insight to the productions world, and a bit of insights of my current works & thoughts :)


  1. Interesting direction you are branching into, QC. Awesome! Best wishes.

  2. Wow! You are so ambitious! So you will act in the webisodes (a very new term to me this!) and at the same have a say in how the script and the direction of the show turns out! Gosh, that's a lot of work and challenges!

    I will wish you all the best and hope you will make it and be very successful! : )

  3. @happysurfer
    yup, its part of my vision for the co - to be a leader in the media biz... with productions as one of the arm :)

    btw, thanks for yr wishes - always nice to hear them, especially more from blogger friends :)

    haha, im kinda ambitious always huh. something i realised since young.

    but actually, this is not all new. lots of actors act in the show they produce (or vice versa)... and if we take our local hero, tan sri p. ramlee, goes even further by composing & singing in his own shows! :)

  4. You will do well, QC, if you have a vision for your company. Congrats!

  5. wow...quachee, u r indeed very talented, as i get to know u more.. so full of energy and inspiring thoughts..
    but sorry to say,i m not a fan for korean shows.. only tvb series but my girl is different,she crazes for any korean dramas...

  6. Wow! When can I see your face grace the silver screen? In a matter of time right? I'm sure you can make it big man. Darn ganas lar u. Can I play a sidekick for you. Perhaps the backdrop. I can be the tree. Hahaha LOL =)

  7. @happysurfer
    thanks :)

    lol, thats a nice way to put it :)

    thanks. somehow i think inspiring makes me happy :)

    oh, but you dont watch korean? quite surprised haha.

    u sure u only want to be a tree? hehe. but seriously, if got chance, want to act? :)


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